7 Tips For Renting A Houseboat

For some people, a houseboat vacation is a better alternative to the usual camping trips or hotel accommodations. What could be more exciting than setting out to explore different lakes, rivers and vast water ways? For an extraordinary holiday experience, consider renting a houseboat. Here are some tips to show you how.

Step 1: Choose the houseboat that suits you.

Contact your travel agent or browse the Net to find out what is available in your desired launch location. When choosing the right size, take into consideration the total number of people that is going with you on the trip as well as their need for privacy. Some marinas only allow a maximum of 12 people on a moving houseboat. Others allow less especially on smaller vessels and more on bigger ones.

When choosing the right boat, you should also decide what amenities you will need. All houseboats have different amenities on board to choose from that range from basic to luxury. The basic amenities would include the dishes, kitchen utensils, barbeque grills, bathroom, beds, etc. Luxury amenities may include things like satellite dishes, hot tubs, faux fireplaces, flat-screen TVs and more.

Step 2: Choose a houseboat tour based on your navigation needs.

You need to determine whether you want to pilot your rental boat or choose one that comes with its own captain and crew. Do you want to wander away in the open water or do you want an itinerary to be pre-set for you. You need to decide how much assistance or independence you need while you’re out on the water.

Step 3: Decide how long and how far your vacation is going to be.

You can rent some houseboats on a minimum number of days. Ask the rental company how far the waterway you can go. Some companies would only allow you to navigate on a specific number of miles away from the home base.

Step 4: Make all your financial arrangements as early as possible.

Pay the required deposits and inquire about the insurance and fuel policies. Keep all the receipts and copies of every transaction documents.

Step 5: Ask about the things that pertain to your situation.

For example, ask the rental service if you can bring house pets or children on board. If there is a handicap in your group, ask whether there are available handicap facilities for him/her. You may also want to know about certain age limits or maximum number of people allowed on the boat.

Step 6: Know everything you need to bring.

Ask the rental company for the list of things that you must supply for yourself. When packing, there are various things that you should take into account. These include the boat size, length of vacation and the laundry or shopping facilities you can find along the waterway.

Step 7: Make sure to return the boat in proper condition.

Acquire a list of things that must be done upon returning it. Gas up the boat if that is included in the contract.

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