9 Easy Steps To Adding Value To Used Vehicles

Discover just a few easy steps to help nurture your used vehicles and save money at the same time!

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have learned some easy steps to slowing down the depreciation of your car and feel good about your ride everyday.

Today more than ever it is a wise investment to take care of your used vehicles! You can avoid higher payments and interest that go along with purchasing a new car, truck, SUV, or mini-van!

Don’t miss a word of these cool steps that anyone can do.

Driving a used vehicle does not mean that you have to pass up the valet service! With a few pointers you can make your trusty, true and blue baby shine and run like new!

  1. Drive the car with gentle care. Using care means avoiding jack-rabbit starts and stops. Slowly accelerate as you take off, allowing the engine appropriate time to do its thing. Anticipate the stop signs and traffic lights and let off the accelerator rather than slamming on the brakes at break-neck speed when approaching the stop. In cold weather, such as Denver, allow the car’s engine to warm before revving the engine. When taking off, drive slowly for a couple more minutes for the oil to lubricate the engine’s parts.
  2. Use a mechanic you trust. Using a mechanic that you know has your best interest at heart will give you peace of mind. This can help avoid expensive repairs you really do not need. At the same time, when he warns you that something needs attention, trust his word and have it fixed. The greatest thing about using the same trusted mechanic is that he will know your car and they will form a relationship, if you will!
  3. Listen to your car. If your car is not acting right, if you see the engine light come on or you hear an unfamiliar sound that is not coming from the radio, have it checked out – sooner than later. This could help you get the attention you need for the car before the issue becomes an even more expensive pain in the backside!
  4. Combine short runs. Short runs are the hardest on the engine because of the lack of time that the car has to really get its act in gear! Therefore, when running errands, think and plan ahead. Set out to do all the banking, shopping, gassing up, running to get lotto tickets etc. all in one fell swoop!
  5. Empty car of extra weight. Be sure that you keep your load as light as possible. If you go on a trip to the mountains and take all your ski gear in the trunk, unload it as soon as you get back from the trip! Do not carry extra weight that is not needed for each specific trip in the car, especially when simply doing weekly errands!
  6. Keep good care of your tires.Always be sure the pressure is the recommended weight for your specific tires, especially in cold weather. The tire tends to expand, leaving lower air pressure and this can wear your tires considerable quicker than normal. Be sure to replace the tires if they do not pass the penny-test in the treads. And, worn tires can be the number one tip-off of an older car! When cleaning the car, use a product like Armor-All to keep them looking shiny and new!
  7. Wash it once a month and wax it twice annually. There is nothing that makes a car look old more than if it is dirty, dusty, salty or crusty! If you drive in winter weather, such as Denver’s you may need to wash it more frequently to keep the layers of salt from accumulating! Otherwise, make it a monthly Saturday chore to get out the bucket and sponge and make it shine, shine, shine! Wax it twice annually to bring back the original sparkle and keep it protected from Mother Nature
  8. Do not forget to keep the inside shiny and clean. An additional method to your “keeping it looking new” madness is to keep the inside clean, vacuumed, clear of debris and free of dust! Have you ever crawled into a car that was littered with trash and fast-food bags, socks, and toys? There goes that new car smell! Again, use a product like Armor-All to keep the dash board and counsel sparkling like new!
  9. Keep the car serviced with regular maintenance. This may seem like an unnecessary comment to make, but many people do not perform the oil changes on a regular basis, they do not check the fluids. Regular maintenance can prevent extremely expensive repairs and keep your potential disasters at bay. And, if it is running like new, it will feel like new to you!

Now you know what people-in-the-know know about taking care of used vehicles!

Following these tips you will start to feel better and better about driving your car and taking the time to give your ride some TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have another expensive car payment right away.

Are you beginning to see that you could take that extra money and spend it on some things that really make your heart sing!

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With this newly learned knowledge you will be able to put extra cash in your pocket along with gaining some extra time too!

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