Alternative Investments – Protect Yourself From Volatile Stock Markets

As oil prices hover near record highs and choke economic growth, most people expect a slow down and eventual strong fall in global equity markets.

Many investors are now looking at alternative investments to protect their cash and also get good growth potential. In fact as much as 50 – 100% annually with low downside risk and when you read the facts below you will understand why.

The alternative investment outlined below has produced spectacular gains over the last 10 years to exceed mutual funds and will continue to do so even if equity markets turn down.

What is a good alternative investment to use?

Here we will outline an alternative investment that has low risk is cheap and easy to do but still has massive growth potential.

Many people when they think of alternative investments think of futures, options, wine, gems and hedge funds but these are all high risk alternative investments

An alternative investment with high returns and low risk

A great investment which has high returns and low risk is land in Costa Rica – You may never have considered this investment before but there are solid reasons for doing so and they include:

o Annual gains of 50 – 100%

o Low downside volatility

o Good liquidity its easy to buy and sell

o Its cheap and easy to invest

o The bull market in Costa Rican land will continue

Why will this market continue to give great returns?

Its pure and simple economics:

Costa Rica is just 3 hours from the US but prime property is 70% cheaper than in the US and Americans are buying in record numbers

Furthermore, forget about a downturn in stocks in the US hurting this alternative investment.

Why will it continue to boom regardless of an economic downturn?

Quite simply, the baby boomer generation is finding life hard when they retire.

They simply don’t have enough money, medical care prices are soaring and state support is dropping. How do they maintain their standard of living?

They are moving to and retiring to Costa Rica and doing so in record numbers and this trend is accelerating not declining.

A Spectacular alternative Investment in terms of growth & risk

Costa Rica land is a proven long term investment, with better returns than the average mutual or stock fund since 1997 and prices show no signs of declining.

Investing is easy

There is a minimum of red tape and there are plenty of realtors to help you select the best locations.

Investments start at around $30,000 and you get the same rights as residents and perhaps best of all, its very tax efficient.

A great solid alternative investment for all investors

Costa Rica land has a place in anyone’s portfolio and from a risk to reward point of view is hard to beat.

This alternative investment will boom if stock markets go up and will continue to do so even if equity markets decline.

Quite simply, there is no better investment to build long term wealth.

If you have never considered an alternative investment or land as one, then you should look at the facts and you will surprised at just how lucrative land investment can be.

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