An HSBC Credit Card For Every Need

Whether you want the zero percent APR credit card with platinum benefits, the one with cash back or travel rewards, the one with car purchase rebates or the one with the ability to establish new credit; there is an HSBC credit card for you. In the American banking landscape, HSBC is a relatively new name but it is one of the largest financial organizations in the world. HSBC stands for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and it has banking operations in Europe, Asia and North America.

HSBC recently purchased Household Bank which is the leading issuer of consumer credit. After this acquisition, HSBC got a firm foothold on the U.S. credit card market. Through their headquarters in London, HSBC provides a variety of credit card services for consumers throughout the world. You can easily apply for an HSBC credit card by visiting their website online.

The GM Card The biggest part of this acquisition for HSBC was the GM Flexible Earnings Card. This was one of the first and largest co-branded reward credit cards that started the new approach to earning a reward currency for just using your credit card. Now many such programs can be found in the credit card marketplace and many are offered in partnership with nearly every brand of automobile. However, the GM Card remains a consumer favorite.

Other Options Other HSBC credit card options include two very competitive reward programs. The first of these is the HSBC Platinum Master Card with Cash Back which gives a full one percent cash back on all your purchases. The other is the HSBC Platinum Master Card with Cash or Fly Rewards Card which gives you either cash back or travel rewards for free flights on any U.S. airline.

One last HSBC credit card that you should consider is the Orchard Bank Platinum Master Card. This card is designed specifically for those who don’t have a credit history and need to build their credit rating. The card can also work for those who have bad credit or a less than perfect credit rating. For those with bankruptcy on their record, this credit card can give a needed lifeline to start a new financial standing with lenders and credit rating agencies.

After considering just four of the main HSBC credit card offers it is easy to see why HSBC continues to be a big player in the credit card industry. HSBC carefully studies the credit card market in order to understand the needs of various consumer segments so that they can provide credit cards to matches everyone’s needs. You can visit HSBC online to learn about every type of HSBC credit card they offer, you are sure to find one that matches your specific needs.

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