BlackBerry Curve Insurance

You’ve finally got yourself your dream BlackBerry Curve and you may be wondering if BlackBerry Curve insurance should be the next thing you should be buying.

Everyone may possibly have their own view of whether or not gadget insurance for things like BlackBerrys, mobile phones, iPads and iPods etc, is necessary.

To come to your own decision, you may have to ask yourself some basic questions like:

– could I afford to go out and buy a new BlackBerry Curve tomorrow;

– could I cope on a day to day basis without my BlackBerry Curve;

– how difficult would it be for me to replace contact information and photos stored on my BlackBerry.

There are a couple of additional points you may want to consider if your service provider provided a free BlackBerry as part of a long term contract:

– will they give me another one for nothing if the one I have gets damaged or stolen;

– will I have to keep paying for their service even if I can’t use it?

Depending on your answers, you may have come to the conclusion that BlackBerry Curve insurance may be a good idea.

A typical BlackBerry Curve insurance policy may provide cover for all or some of the following events, depending on the provider:

– accidental damage to your BlackBerry including liquid damage;

– theft of your BlackBerry (including unattended theft from a secure locked location in your home or car for example);

– breakdown of your BlackBerry outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period;

– loss cover for your BlackBerry may be available as a optional extra.

Some points to note relating to this cover:

– damage you may do to your BlackBerry making modifications or trying to fit accessories may typically not be covered;

– if you don’t report the theft to the police within a specified time period and get a crime number then your claim may not be accepted;

– if the theft happened because you left your BlackBerry unattended but not locked away, then your claim is unlikely to be accepted.

Your BlackBerry insurance provider may not be unreasonable in expecting you to take this level of care of your own possessions.

If you add to this the additional benefits of BlackBerry Curve cover that some providers may offer like:

– 48 hour guaranteed replacement of you BlackBerry Curve once you claim is agreed;

– up to 3 GB of storage space to secure your critical data;

– protection while abroad;

then you may be starting to come round to the idea that gadget insurance may typically make some sense.

Having a more detailed look at BlackBerry Curve insurance options might be a smart next move. Also, do note that as with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

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