Ernst & Young’s Retirement Planning Guide

Retirement is an unavoidable phase in life; but with proper and systematic planning, it does not have to be a dreaded phase, but one to look forward to! Fortunately, quality and affordable resources are now widely available to guide you as you prepare for this phase of your life. Yes, gone are the days when one has to pay expensive retainers and consultants for advice-because retirement planning soft wares and books, financial planning calculators, and other tools are now the newest trend in financial planning for retirement. One of the best, most practical books available on this subject area is Ernst & Young’s Retirement Planning Guide

From respected authors whose names connote expertise in the field of tax and financial planning, the book outlines simple yet practical and achievable guide to attain one’s “dream retirement stage”. The book presents detailed hands-on tools and techniques that can help you plan your retirement well, the issues that need to be addressed, and factors that might affect your plans.

Most customers who read this book have been impressed by the information presented in the book, specifically on the insights and suggestions to attain a financially secure life before or after retirement. Readers have commended the detailed analysis on the use of a financial planning calculator to determine what amount of money needs to be saved at certain points in the retirement phase-considering several factors like life-expectancy, inflation rates and its impact on income, among others.

Also, the book includes detailed discussions on topics like 401k, insurance issues, social security, and others- focusing on how these items bear on financial planning for retirement. Hands-on worksheets, quizzes, and links to other resources related to building financial security from pre-retirement to post-retirement phase, are also provided in the book. Equally handy are the suggestions and discussions presented on strategies to build-up a retirement fund, and to address issues and concerns that may adversely affect the plan at hand. The ideas presented as to how to increase retirement income and retirement savings are based on actual economic scenarios, and are easy to understand. At the end of each chapter, “Action Items” are also included, which further maximizes the book’s usefulness. Furthermore, the simplified presentation of each topic allows ease in understanding concepts even for the non-accountants.

Truly a prized catch for people who are in the dark as to how to go about planning their retirement, Ernst & Young had provided this worthy and valuable guide. No wonder most of those who have read the book have rated it to be excellent in terms of usefulness and practicality… “Easy to read”, “useful”, “detailed guide”, “comprehensive”, “highly recommended”…these are just some of the comments made by people about this book… A must-buy not only for people who are nearing retirement age, but also for people who want to build-up their retirement savings early-and help their loved ones do the same as well. Make the move to realize that dream retirement!

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