Fast Auto Loan Financing Lets You Get Better Deals!

A need for fast auto loan financing isn’t always a sign of impatience. Getting a car loan quickly saves you thousands when buying a car. Walk into a dealership or third party sale with financing already lined up and you have the advantage in bargaining for a better deal and to act fast on it.

Online Fast Auto Loan Financing

Today’s best source for fast auto loan financing is the Internet with all the advantages of a traditional lender like no application fee, no down payment and negotiating ability of having cash in hand. Then there are additional advantages of an online service like easy application, nearly instant approval, 24-hour online access to your account and a money-saving automatic payment option. But the best is their interest rates being 1 to 2% lower than the national average.

Before making a commitment for an online auto-financing loan, consider the additional requirements. If you’re buying a classic car or motorcycle, loan products are limited, with more restrictions. Also online lenders are reluctant to fund loans under $7,000 or over $75,000.

Bad Credit Can Be An Issue

For fast auto loan financing online, credit problems are more of an issue than with dealerships. But credit problems can be overcome with lenders offering higher risk loans. These have more restrictions and slightly higher rates.

First of all decide on your figures. How much exactly are you willing to pay, how much do you give for down payment, how much per month? Be realistic in these assessments to accurately compare financing options.

Eventually the monthly maintenance and annual fee will end up costing you more than you want for credit. If you want a card, look for one that has one of the two but not both. To be better organized, make a quick comparison chart with the card names, set up fees, interest rates (variable or fixed), monthly and annual fees. Mention also if a single late payment can lead to increased interest rate. Cards may be expensive but worth reestablishing your credit with, if you look for the best deal around.

Differences On Interest Rates

With these issues settled, decide where you’ll find the best terms. As a general rule, the best interest rates are from credit unions, followed by banks and dealerships being the worst. As per specific promotions, dealerships and online auto financing establishments can also offer competitive rates.

Next, comes applying for the loan. Apart from information on the car, most lenders will inquire about income and expenses. Ensure you keep rent documentation, house payments, pay stubs, tax returns and other sources of income and assets with you.

There’s a world of difference between used auto financing and new car financing. While the former makes better deals than the latter, it doesn’t apply to used car financing there are quick loan finance available as well. Used cars being less profitable for lenders and more risky, there are a lot more restrictions and higher rates than new car loans.

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