Financial Nightmare? Wake Up and Try Factoring!

How does it feel to finance your customers for free? With

money you’ve already earned? Being taken advantage of by

your clients? Are you angry when 30 days turns into 45?

60? 90? Feel like pounding the desk because of lost

opportunities? Or throwing up your hands and quitting? Are

your sales people pissed because they have to make

collections, too? Is that cutting down on your sales efforts?

Causing you more agony? Hate making dunning phone

calls? Is the business you loved not much fun anymore?


How many times have you said, “If only I had more money, I

could…..?” How much of your creative time is wasted

looking for more cash? Trying to get invoices paid? Aren’t

you frustrated always feeling behind the business curve?

When your sales are up, why do you have less money in

hand? Doesn’t your stomach tighten when you look at your

bills? And know that you can’t keep current because your

customer’s won’t? Whatever happened to the joy and

excitement you felt when you first got into your business?


Cash is your lifeblood. Without cash, you can’t pay bills,

expand, or even remain in operation. How does that make

you feel? And giving your customers interest free loans is

not helping, is it? Isn’t it strangling your movements and

causing you a bundle in lost interest and increased costs?

How about inflation losses waiting for your money? Doesn’t

do much for your peace of mind, does it?

Remember your last cash flow crunch? All that upset when

the accounts receivable didn’t arrive? The big payment that

was going to give you some room to move? And you didn’t

know when or if it would happen? Helpless feeling, wasn’t

it? Didn’t you feel a little lost?

Stop Being a Cash Flow Victim

Why keep on being a cash flow victim? Is it

possible today for you to be in charge of your

cash flow? Is it possible to get your money in

48 hours instead of 30 to 90 days?

Your answer could be factoring, a powerful

non-debt solution to cash flow problems.

Why Not Factor?

Why not factor your invoices, converting them to cash by

selling them directly to a factor at a discount? New idea?

Hardly! Retail stores routinely sell their bills of sale to Visa®

or MasterCard®. Same deal. You’ve been involved in

factoring for years, every time you whipped out a credit


Same Rapid Service

Now you can get the same rapid service for your wholesale

business! You get an IMMEDIATE 70-90% advance

of what’s owed you. That provides instant cash for your

business so you can be in control again. It gives you a

powerful competitive edge.

Do you lose the rest? NO! When the factor collects

the invoice, you get the remainder minus a pre-agreed fee,

usually around 2 to 3% annually. Costly? CHEAP! For that,

you get complete credit checking, A/R maintenance, bad

debt insurance and professional collection services on your

billings. What are those four things costing you now?

The factor won’t tie up your hard assets. He doesn’t need

your bank balances, business history, tax records or credit

rating. Your customer’s credit is what counts, not yours. The

factor just wants you to create more business and add

sales. It’s a win-win situation!

Benefits of Factoring

When bank loans are not available, or your credit line is

maxed out, it is a powerful source of immediate working

capital. Get the feeling of money in your hand NOW! Not in

30 or 45 days. No more having your customers in control of

YOUR cash or profits.

No debt is created, improving your credit rating and your

financial statement’s bottom line. How would that feel to

you? How would your banker look at you? You also get bad

debt insurance, since the factor assumes the liability for

nonpayment of the invoice. What’s that worth to you?

Sounding better all the time?

Get the powerful feeling of putting ALL your attention on

production, sales, marketing and customer service! Get

OUT of the banking and collection business and back to

what you do best! You wouldn’t have you or your staff paint

the office. Why are you or they doing anything which does

not directly drive your business and profits forward?

Will Factoring Work For You?

Answer some questions to yourself.

1. Are you sometimes short of cash?

2. Are your receivables above $50,000 monthly, with invoice

size usually above $500?

3. Could more cash…

o generate more sales?

o increase production?

o increase marketing?

o allow you to take advantage of discounts and

special offers?

4. If credit and collection chores were gone, could you put

ALL your attention on production, marketing, sales and


5. Would your costs be lowered?

6. Would you be fully back in your business? With higher

profits? More control?

7. Do these ideas excite you? Give you some hope?

Make you enthusiastic? Bring back the feeling you had

when you started your company?

If your answer is YES!, change something!

Factoring can potentially make the difference between

success and failure in your business. Its not new. Tens of

thousands of executives and companies have improved

their lives with factoring.

Do You Qualify for Factoring?

Only you can provide that information. Call a factoring

specialist today. When all it takes is a phone call to see if

this is YOUR road to financial peace of mind, what’s

stopping you?

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