How To Have a Better Health Dollar Investment

I read somewhere that when you leap from an 80-story building, you think you are only flying for the first 79-story. The realization that you have jumped only hits you when you literally hit the rock bottom hard. Health is pretty much the same – if you do not have a goal to live a healthy life always, it will slip away bit by bit until one day you will wonder where your vitality and wellness vanished! So set a goal to have a healthy lifestyle consistently. With this, I thought of sharing with you some ways to give your dollar and health the best investment:

5 Better Investments For Your Dollar and Health:

  1. Attend a group training session. Instead of one-on-one sessions, which costs a lot, I would advise that you join group sessions. A personal trainer can still conduct effective training for a small group of people so that you can still feel you are in that one-on-one session. Others favor a group session as it brings out the competitive attitude in them. A small group should consist no more than 6 participants. And, it should save you half as much as you would pay for a one-on-one session. If you already have a trainer, you can inquire if he or she is willing to conduct a group session if you organize your own group.
  2. Buy better quality and cheaper products. Going to a fresh food market near your place is more practical nowadays. Aside from the fact that the products are fresher, the price of the products are way cheaper than in a supermarket. Instead of finding yourself each time in a market, it would be better if you dedicate one day each week as your shopping day and take someone along with you. Set a strict budget for it like $15 each. Your aim is to buy delicious and healthy foods that you can prepare for your family or for two and have a greater selection as well.
  3. Go to factory outlets for your gym gears. You can get an astonishing 70% off if you prefer factory outlets than going to a regular shop to buy your things. There are factory outlets in many areas near your place and all you need to do is try searching online or ask around. Another thing that will surprise you is that you can also find your favorite brands in these outlets. Others think that just because it is not a store located in a posh area, it does not have a capability of selling branded items in a low price – well, think again! It is definitely worth it so why not try it!
  4. Invest in improving your well being. If our government spends a lot of money investing in doctors and hospital cares, it only means that there is a lot of thing going on to people’s health that requires special attention. It is scary to think that we may also spend our money on our health if we are not doing anything to improve our well-being. Everyone should think that if you do not invest your money on your health now, you will end up spending it on doctors and hospitals trying to treat your ill body later in life. The sad truth is that you spend a lot more money on your sickness rather than investing on your health.
  5. Give yourself a challenge to combat stress by achieving total fitness. Most of us know that getting fit can help us fight stress. However, are you really doing something about it? Do not just let your dollars rot in the bank. Instead, use some of it to improve your health. Spend three days a week in a gym (or more if you have a lot of time) even if you are financially challenged. Try to maintain a healthy diet and nutrition even if everyone around you is having a nice time with his or her bowls of pasta. Wake up early, think positive, dance as if there is no tomorrow and do things to remind you how lucky you are to live your life despite some hurdles.

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