Investment Options and Investment Strategies

There are a large and varied range of  investment  products, a suitable  investment  portfolio can be created that will offer the possibility of good returns without excess risk. For the slightly more adventurous investor willing to take a risk for the chance of a higher return, the  investment  market has interesting possibilities as well. When looking to build your  investment  strategy, there will be some important points to take note before choosing the products that will be right for you.

Depending on the risk level, there will be different  investment  funds to recommend. There are a number of financial advisers who offer these services but only a few will continually assess the  investment  markets to ensure that clients money are invested to give them the highest potential for growth.

Generally we have two client types when it comes to investing, those who need and want to generate an income from their  investments , and those who are only interested in growth of their  investments .

Investing for Growth

After assessing your risk profile, finance experts will give you recommendations based on their continuous research. These recommendations will incorporate all your  investment  objectives, and will strive to find the correct balance of risk and reward for you. They will also evaluate your  investments  on an agreed date at least once a year to ensure that your funds are invested in the most opportunistic sectors

Investing for Income

They can also develop an  investment  portfolio that will minimize your risk, and ensure that you have a guaranteed income from your  investments . There are many different  investment  products that suit income. Finance experts will make sure that you are able to do this in the most tax efficient manner.

Guaranteed  Investments 

Due to the volatility of  investments  in the last 5 years, more and more investors prefer to have a guarantee attached to their  investments , especially those clients nearing or in retirement. Finance experts should continually analyze the different guaranteed products on the market place, and when questioned, they should offer the products to clients that they believe are the most beneficial to their needs.

In general, risk and reward should go hand in hand. However financial services should quantify the risk associated with all these  investment  funds. They can recommend  investment  portfolio and try to minimize the risks where it is possible. Finance experts cannot guarantee performance levels but they can monitor risks.

Saving in  Investment  Funds

While  investment  funds are primarily designed to serve those wishing to invest larger amounts as a lump sum, many also facilitate regular contributions through savings schemes. Your financial adviser can advise you on how to access products on a monthly savings basis.

All  investments  are different, and each comes with its own risks and attributes. Discovering your  investment  risk profile is the first step towards identifying which types of  investments  suit you best.

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