Investment Techniques For Creating Passive Income

There are many wealth creation strategies and investment techniques available to those who are looking to create a passive income. These fall into three main categories. Running a business, investing in property and investing in the share market. Although there are many options in each of these areas, finding the right wealth creation strategy for you is not that hard.

The formula for Wealth Creation is relatively simple. In order to increase your wealth, you need to increase your wealth generating activities. Most of us start out trading our time, for money. We get paid an hourly rate for doing a certain job. The problem with this is that in order to increase your income, you usually need to increase the amount of hours you sell to your employer or clients. Which in turn reduces the amount of time you have to spend on yourself, your family and doing the things you enjoy.

In order to increase your quality of life, the only realistic strategy is to increase your income, and reduce the amount of hours you work. How do you do this you might ask? By using time tested wealth creation strategies and investment techniques to create and then increase your passive income.

Creating a Passive Income gives you more time and money to spend on living your life.

Passive income is generated when you are making an income without having to work for it. For example if you own a business, that you have setup to run completely on its own, or if you own shares in a company that pays you annual dividends, or perhaps a piece of real estate that generates capital or rental returns.

All these investment techniques earn you passive income. because you are not limited by the amount of hours you can spend per day working on them. Instead of working for money, you now have money working for you. This is the true essence of any effective wealth creation strategy. Maximum return for minimum effort.

Another great way to leverage your investment capital is to use stock options. There are literally thousands of ways to use options, both as a speculation tool and but as a way to hedge your other investments. But options can also be used to create passive income through becoming an option ‘writer’ instead of a ‘taker’.

Writing options is a lot more like holding stock and making yearly dividends but instead by writing options you can actually make a passive monthly income and still be protected against any large market moves.

There are also hundreds of ways to setup these option strategies, and of course these is always some risk involved in any investment. But with a proper understanding of the strategies you are using and with vigilant risk management, the end results can be nothing less than spectacular.

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