Pass the Series 7

How to pass the Series 7 exam? A question we get very often as trainers and study material developers. The Series 7 is not an easy exam but it is very pass-able if you use the right material and use correct study techniques. A huge key to passing the series 7 is working with enough practice questions and tough test questions. Most people fail the test because they did not really challenge themselves in working with hard enough exam questions when preparing.

Enough Practice Tests to Pass

You do not want the actual exam to be much harder or any harder than the study questions you were practicing. To pass the series 7, you simply need to be battle hardened with accurate and plentiful series 7 test questions.

The real series 7 is 250 questions. Is using a study program with 500 practice questions enough? 1000 questions? In my opinion – NO. You want 5 or 10 times that. The more scenarios the better.

As you study for the Series 7, Series 6 or almost any securities licensing test – it is crucial to work with MORE than enough exams. Memorizing repetitive test questions may give you good final exam practice scores, but it will not give you the readiness to pass the Series 7. It will only provide a false sense of security.

Software Test Exams

Working Series 7 questions from your computer will prepare you well as long as the amount of questions is there and the degree of difficulty is strong. The actual exam is given on computer so drilling yourself with computer based training questions is a great way to prepare.

American Investment Training has a regularly updated 7000 question hard drill CD for the Series 7.

Series 7 Answer Explanations

Accurate and detailed answer explanations to your practice questions is a VERY important aspect of studying and passing the series 7. When you get a question wrong (or even if you guessed it right), you want to see the correct answer explanation clearly written out.

Study Tip To Passing

A great study tip and technique is to write out the answer explanations on exam questions you got wrong. This reinforces the concept and will limit you from getting that question wrong again or even a similar question.

Exam Subjects

The Series 7 is weighted heavier on certain topics so you want to prepare for the exam with strong emphasis on these more important areas. These areas include debt (bonds), Options, Rules and Customer Accounts. You will definitely want a large software program that will have more than enough practice questions on these important topics to pass the test.

Allow enough time. Most students pass within 6-8 weeks of 2-3 hours per day of studying.

Series 7 Exam CD of 7000 questions.

Good Luck on your test and your career!

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