Rewards of Overseas Property Investment

A lot of people dream of owning a beautiful holiday home in the sun and it seems nowadays everywhere I go people are talking about overseas property investment and that because of the current credit crunch and financial climate that it is worth looking overseas for future investment planning and especially in real estate and holiday property.

It is worth pointing out however that overseas property investment has both risks & rewards.

Lets look at the rewards

o Lets face it having a beautiful home in an exotic country is an exciting and glamorous thought, it is living the dream for a lot of people, many work there whole lives to retire in a nice home in the sun and preferably beachfront. And in my opinion and experience it is this beach lifestyle choice that is one of the main motivating factors behind people purchasing a property abroad.

o The idea of waking up in the morning to a perfect sunrise and stepping out onto your balcony or walking onto your patio leading to your private garden with luxury swimming pool while listening to the gentle sea breeze and local birds whistling beautiful melody’s while taking in the sweet smells of natural flora is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to start a fresh new day.

o And of course it could also be the breathtaking views of mountain ranges and picturesque landscapes that one is looking to embrace. This lifestyle choice is for many people the idea of paradise.

o As well as the quality lifestyle benefits it is the discovery of new and exciting cultural attractions and pastimes to embrace, including local cuisine, traditions, festivals and celebrations that is also very appealing. Not to mention exploring new places and discovering hidden gems like secluded beach coves and unexplored countryside and forests as well as historical buildings and landmark buildings. These are even more reasons why so many people choose to purchase property abroad.

o Also the investment potential of overseas property and especially in new emerging markets is also a large motivating factor for many people buying property abroad.

o Some emerging markets like Brazil have excellent capital growth predictions of up to 30% per year and also the right type of property in the right location will also have excellent rental potential especially if the sun shines for most of the year like in the northeast of Brazil and Egypt to name a few.

o The thought of relaxing and enjoying your new home while it steadily earns you money is awesome and I am sure you can now envision that owning a property abroad can be simply irresistible.

So to summarise the rewards it is the fantastic lifestyle options and the potential return on investment that are so attractive and therefore its easy to see why it is increasing in popularity so many people are talking about and investing in overseas property. Also see our other article the Risks of Overseas Investment property for further information.

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