Safe UK Shopping on the Internet

Online shopping is becoming one of the easiest ways to buy almost anything you want, when you want. Unlike going to your local highstreet, you can shop at any time, day or night without leaving home. All you need is a credit card. So if you have never shopped online before, but you would like to try, I have put together these shopping tips to help you on your way.

Check To See If The Site Is Secure

When shopping online always make sure, before giving out any of your credit or debit card details, whether the company has secure payment. You will know if that a site is secure when you see an intact padlock on your browser. This means you are on a site that is using SSL to encrypt your personal information while it is going from your PC to the website operator’s system, so that it cannot be read by anyone intercepting it. Also check that the http:// address is written as https:// – the ‘s’ standing for secure.

Check For Contact Address

All online traders must give their name and geographical address, not just a PO Box number or email address. Do not shop at any stores that fail to provide this information.

Pay By Credit Card

Paying buy credit card will give you the added protection for any good whose value is between £100 and £30,000. This is because your credit card issuer becomes jointly responsible for the goods you buy. If the goods are delivered damaged or you have problems receiving a refund, the credit card company will help you.

Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statements

Check your monthly credit card statements for any payments made over the internet. You need to be aware that some company names which appear on your statement may be different from their website.

Returns Policy

Before purchasing, check the returns policy of the website. Find out who pays the returns postage and if they have come from abroad, make sure their is no hefty bill to return goods. Refunds must be made within 30 days.

Postage And Delivery

Look out for high postage rates and hidden cost like VAT or other duty payable, especially if the goods are being sent from abroad. Remember that goods being sent from abroad take longer to deliver, check with the trader to see how long this will take. If no deilvery date has been agreed, delivery must take place within 30 days. Goods and services ordered from the UK and European Countries will be covered by the ‘Distance Selling Regulations’.

Shop Around

Always shop around for the best deals. The price of goods online can vary to a large degree depending on the product. In most cases you are entitled to a 7 working day cancellation period if you change your mind.

Keep A Record

Always keep a record of anything ordered online, print out the order and keep the terms and conditions that appear on the website just in case of any problems or disputes later on.

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