Your eBook is Ready to Sell – Now What?

You wrote an eBook, checked it for accuracy, and made several of your family members, maybe not willingly, read your eBook. Finally, your eBook is ready to be shown to the world. Where do you begin?

First, you really do a need a website to promote your eBooks. And, that may be the first place you should consider when placing your eBook.

Second, you have to think about your pocketbook. Do you have enough money to pay a setup fee and a monthly fee to a company? This is usually the case with those that are beginning eBook marketers. And in most cases, they feel a little defeated by the costs and the uncertainly of whether their eBook will sell. So what is your alternative?

One alternative is to begin with PayPal. PayPal is a great option for those who are beginning e-book marketers because PayPal has no setup fees or monthly fees, and their transaction fees are low. In addition, PayPal allows people to buy your eBook with either their PayPal account or through their credit card. How?

PayPal’s standard order form has a built-in link “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card”. Thus, the individual can pay with their PayPal account or with their credit card. You have the best of both worlds-online and offline alternatives.

However, with a PayPal account you will still need to set up a sales letter with the PayPal order form.

I would advise that your sales page be secure or no one will take a chance on purchasing your eBook. I know I wouldn’t. The sales letter and the PayPal order form will need to be placed on your website. Sorry, you will need your own website. This initial step will offer you several benefits:

1) You’ll discover if your eBook creates any interest. 2) You will not have a large outlay of money in the beginning 3) If you find your eBook has interest and you are making money, you can decide to either open up your own merchant account or go through an eBook holding company. Realize that when you put your eBook within a holding company there will be charges. They do get a small percentage of the sale for renting you space on their server.

Overall an eBook can give you the opportunity to have your own product and to make money. However, it is important that you have all your “i’s” dotted and your “t’s” crossed in every phase of the process.

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