100% Family Dental Insurance Coverage Plans – Memo From a Tooth Fairy

Its hard to believe in today’s economic times that most family dental insurance coverage plans are unacceptable to many workers, and of course their dentists. As insurance coverage plans are purchased to offset against adverse risk events, priority must be given. Is this the insurance that someone wants to have or desperately needs to have? Throughout history a tooth fairy could not provide real financial relief, so why should family dental insurance?

Insurance coverage plans must be purchased on a basis of priority, and family dental insurance does not rank among all the protection risks most others would consider a high risk. Just look at the priority ones of life insurance, car, homeowners, major medical, disability, retirement, and long-term care. Areas where claims can exceed $50,000 for a single occurrence. A dentist once said, “you have 30 teeth to protect so you cannot afford to lose one. My immediate response is, “You have one life to protect, so using that logic it is 30 times as important to protect your life.”

It is not that family dental coverage is something most people do not believe in, it is something that they wish an employer would pay 100% for. In fact, many employer plans no longer provide 100% coverage. It has been found that when co-pay is involved the insured employees will be more careful on over submitting claims and abusing coverage. Your employer has mountains of benefit payment projections to review, and often dental insurance coverage lands on the bottom.

For the family that believes there should be a tooth fairy to the rescue for every little risk, there is now an acceptable compromise. The agent you want to talk to is titled an employee benefit specialist. The agent will present a plan to your employer, whereby say $35.00 monthly is deducted from your paycheck. In turn, you receive a personal, easy to pay for plan, which provides benefits you feel are important to your family. Just make sure you review the benefits to make sure they are worth the premiums paid.

The tooth fairy is not going to relieve your dental costs. Therefore, you must weigh out this insurance, making sure that you already have your basis needs insurance mentioned above, sufficiently covered.

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