10 Reason Why New REI’s FAIL Face First (With BONUS)

  1. Not enough leads coming through. This is a knife to the heart of a real estate investor. If you dont have leads coming in, its going to be a tough road. If thats you, you might want to look into getting some bird dogs on your team.
  2. Buy courses and programs like Freedom$oft but never put them to action and then fill up the search engines REI scam keywords.
  3. Really believe that you can flip homes with absolutely NO MONEY at all. I’m talking open your wallet, nothing but lent with a debit card that has a balance of -$127.
  4. DON’T put enough money into marketing.
  5. Try to do too much in the beginning. Running before crawling is what I call it. Focus on whatever your trying to do and master that first.
  6. Make the mistake of listening to family and friends about their plans for real estate ventures. Their usually gonna say what they heard on the news and that’s icky…
  7. Actually believe REI is as easy as getting 2 contracts signed and dropping them off at a title office and pick up a check a week later. It takes a lot more than that and its usually 3 contracts.
  8. Not hanging with the right people. If you want to learn how to play basketball, don’t hang with a bunch of soccer players. You need to immerse yourself into the business. Get connected. Go to REIA meetings and connect with other REI’s on Facebook, linkedin, twitter and other sites.
  9. Not following up is one of the easiest ways to fail. A seasoned investor once told me to follow up on EVERY call. Following up on direct mail is also very very important.
  10. Having a home under contract and putting all your time and effort into selling that ONE home. What if it doesn’t sell? As I’m writing this, I have one home under contracted, submitted 6 offers yesterday and I’m going to submit 10 today. Its all a numbers game. The more offers you submit on the right properties for the right price, the more money you make.

***BONUS*** So many people try real estate investing and give up after having a deal or 2 fall through. Had they gone a little further or pushed a little more, they might have gotten that one deal that sends them to the top.

Don’t be that person that is almost to the top of the hill and gets sick of climbing. Just know that anything worth having, your gonna have to fight for it so if you want total financial freedom, no boss and steroids for your confidence, I suggest you get in REI NOW!!

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