3 Secrets to Being Successful at Life in General & Network Marketing in Particular

You probably look at people who are “successful” and wonder just how they do it. What’s their secret, what do they know that everyone else trying to accomplish the same thing just does not know? Subconsciously, we make the assumption that successful people have some code in their genetic make-up or access to secret training courses, or a mentor or some marketing guru who taught them “the secret”; and we also assume that they are not sharing their secret with us.

The truth is that successful people share their secrets all of the time. Barnes & Nobles’ shelves are fully stocked with self-help books, biographies and autobiographies of successful men and women, books that teach you how to be a better salesperson, a better network marketer, a better human being. Chances are that you read the books, have an “aha!” moment  and then pass the book on to a friend because it was just so great. Then you return to doing the same thing you were doing before you read the book or you go looking for a better or different answer to a problem that you obviously don’t actually want solved!

Our search is always for the thing that completes us whether it is love, happiness, wealth , or success. Attaining success requires three things from you: surrender, action, and faith.


The first step on the path to success is surrender. We are all filled with limiting beliefs that stop us dead in our tracks on the road to achieving greatness, from “I’m too fat” to “I’m not smart enough” to “I have failed at this before”.  We have to give up these beliefs before we can move forward.

Our culture has taught us focus on things: cars, gadgets, big houses. The current recession is just one example of a situation that can create the inability to hold onto our “things”. Success requires shedding our materialistic nature in the now, so that we can do better and be better in the future.

What I am trying to say is don’t pawn your engagement ring just so you can pay a credit card bill and keep them from closing the account – let it go. Repo man at the door – give up the car, you already have two and anyway, your car does not define you. Surrender the things in your life, so that you can make room for some light in your life.


The successful man or woman doesn’t just read a “How-to” book. They apply the principles they’ve found and then write a book called “How to do it better and faster”.  If you are a network marketer, then chances are your upline and your company provided you with the training and the tools that you need to move forward and become successful. Yet there you are running around the internet trying to find the “secret”, purchasing any and everything offered to you with the tagline “explode your business”.

In the Bible James asks “can’t you see far enough to realise that faith without the right actions is dead and useless?” I might add that knowledge without action is also dead and useless. What use are all the books, videos, and seminars that you have completed if you have never implemented a course of sustained action based on what you learned?  The bottom line is that you will never be a success if you don’t do something.


Success comes to those who walk the path in faith.  Faith that they are doing the right things, faith that their marketing plan will work, faith that if it doesn’t they can start over and it won’t kill them to do so. Faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, that hope and that inner vision has to be your own.

At the end of the day, the big Secret is that there is only one thing keeping you from being successful –You.

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