4 Strategies to Promote Your BRAND Without Spending Millions!

Some of the best brands in the world are also the ones which spend millions and millions of dollars each year in branding & marketing activities. As individuals and SMEs, we don’t have anywhere close to that kind of budget. So how do we remain at the top of the minds of people? How do we make sure people remember us when they think of something relevant to our work area? Here are four low-investment-high-returns branding strategies which you can use:

1. Networking

Most professionals often associate networking with meeting people at events and looking for potential contacts and clients. However if you use effectively, it can also become your most important promotion tool. Think of it as an excellent platform to spread the word. At each event that you visit, have a goal that atleast 10 people should be able to go home and remember you and what you do!

2. Organize an event / Meetup

You do not need to hire a PR firm to organize a branding event for you. Run a meetup group, hold a workshop, organize a trek – any event which represents you and your interests in a positive light. Distribute souvenirs, freebies or flyers sponsored by your firm.

3. Speaking Opportunities

However, remember that unlike facing a bullet, facing an audience is not a life threatening situation. Give a talk at a community event, a chamber of commerce, school or university. Anywhere where you can find an audience. Try and speak something relevant to your area of expertise. If you share something interesting or inspiring, people will remember you.

4. Create a strong online presence

Popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc are good to build up your profile and create your brand, but to accelerate its promotion you will have to use these more effectively and also use other resources.

Within LinkedIn, join groups and discussions which revolve around your area of interest. The idea is to engage and interact and become visible.

Write your own blog, share meaningful comments on other popular blogs, share resources like presentations, books, videos around your area of specialization online.

There are websites which allow you to create your own profile page online. If you want a more sophisticated profile online, get your own unique URL and have your own website.

Publishing articles online through channels like EzineArticles is also a fantastic way to increase your online branding.

Remember one more thing, just be consistent everywhere and your brand will speak for you in a short while!

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