5 Benefits of Installing Business Video Surveillance Systems

There are many advantages associated with investing in business video surveillance systems. With the increasing advancements and affordability of?business security cameras for sale online, these benefits can now be enjoyed by companies of all sizes.

Below are five of the most common reasons to install business security camera systems in work facilities. If you’d like help?choosing the best security camera system?for your business, be sure to reach out to the security and surveillance experts at Security Camera King for more assistance.

5 Benefits of Installing Business Video Surveillance Systems:

1. Preventing Employee Theft

Employee theft effects that bottom line for any business. According to a recent report, it is estimated that the amount of employee theft totals as much as $50 billion annually in the United States. In fact, as some figures show that as much as 33% of businesses end up failing due to the significant damage employee theft causes.

With such staggeringly high numbers, it’s no wonder more and more business owners are choosing to install a business video surveillance system in their facilities. Thanks to the increasing availability and affordability of high-quality security cameras currently on the market, it’s possible to find reliable security camera systems on just about any size budget.

Newer surveillance technologies also add to the possible applications available for business security monitoring. For one, most?network IP security cameras?have remote accessibility, making it possible to perform remote video monitoring with a network-connected device from just about anywhere in the world.

Remote monitoring features allow business owners and managers to oversee operations while providing them with the added ability to check on the property while they are away. If you’re looking to improve profitability while gaining peace of mind, investing in a business video surveillance system can help you achieve those goals.

2. Improve Productivity with Employee Monitoring

Loss of productivity is another major contributor known to negatively impact businesses. Although different from directly stealing inventory from the company, employees wasting valuable time while on the clock are indeed committing a form of company theft.

Moreover, employee monitoring helps to increase overall productivity throughout the operation. Not only are employees more motivated to reduce time waste while on the clock, but the managers can also help identify weaknesses throughout the facility.

The increased productivity can significantly benefit the company’s bottom line, especially when increasing the overall efficiency of the operation. Altogether, there are many potential areas that could be positively impacted to help boost productivity and profitability.

3. Monitoring and Securing Off Limit Areas

In most companies, there are areas where certain employees or customers are generally not allowed to be without permission. These usually include areas that contain more private and sensitive information, such as accounting departments, management offices, inventory areas with valuable assets, etc.

In the event something comes up missing or destroyed in areas that are off limits, it will be important to identify what happened. If the area is secured, it could be difficult to pinpoint who had access to the area and false accusations can damage relationships with employees.

Using business video surveillance cameras to monitor these sensitive areas allows you to easily discover who was in the area when the event occurred. What’s more, security cameras with motion detection features can be optimized to alert the responsible parties the moment someone enters the controlled area.

4. Protection from Potential Liability Lawsuits

Accidents in the workplace can happen. Unfortunately, false liability lawsuits also happen all too often. Employees and visitors are known to make false injury claims that the company will, unfortunately, be held legally and financially responsible for.

Business video surveillance cameras help companies to protect themselves from these false claims in order to reduce their potential liabilities. They provide the necessary proof of the event as it occurred, proving the lawsuit claims are either invalid or true.

Liability lawsuit cases regularly result in settlements that can reach the tens of thousands, if not more. Such a high, unexpected cost is damaging to even established businesses and can legitimately ruin up-and-coming companies.

Insurance companies will often provide incentives to businesses as well for installing video surveillance cameras in the facility. For these reasons, businesses should consider protecting themselves with an operating security camera system an absolute necessity.

5. Improve Your Customers Overall Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a goal shared by businesses of all sizes. It’s important to meet and exceed customer expectations in order to guarantee clients keep coming back time and time again. Moreover, repeat customers also share their experience with others, which further helps to increase a business’s success.

Business video surveillance systems can help with improving customer service and satisfaction. They allow managers and business owners to better understand customer patterns, for one. Knowing customer patterns helps to improve product placement, marketing schemes, and organization, to start with.

Business security cameras also help managers and business owners to better understand any problems concerning customer service. They can identify any weaknesses in the customer service techniques used by employees while providing evidence to use as educational opportunities to teach employees how to improve their practices.

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