A Small Business Alternative To Health Insurance & Dental Insurance

Providing Health Care Options At No Cost To The Employer

Providing health insurance or dental insurance to employees has become completely unaffordable for most small business owners. The rising cost of these policies lead employers to either raise the employee contribution to the plan or drop coverage all together.

Forcing employees to bear a larger portion of the monthly premium only serves to have lower employee participation in company provided health insurance and dental insurance. As less employees participate this causes the rates to climb even higher.

It is estimated that over 45 million Americans have to health care benefits at all and this number is climbing as more and more small business owners feeling the financial crush of insurance premiums that have been rising at an average of 40% annually are forced to drop their plans.

Discount Health care Program providers are now offering a solution that is not only affordable to the employee but in some cases can allow the small business owner to offer these benefits without any cost to the company at all.

Employers are also saving money in administration costs because they no longer have paperwork to submit or plan to administer.

As an example, Ameriplan, The largest discount health care program provider allows small business to simply refer their employees the the Ameriplan website where they can choose and pay for the program they choose to join.

These discount programs can save employees up to 80% off their health care needs and provide discounts on a range of services including medical, dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care. In contrast to traditional health and dental insurance premiums, discount health care programs range in cost from $19.99-$59.99 for complete household coverage. A far cry from the $400,$500,$600 or more for just the employee portion of a health insurance premium.

As these traditional health insurance carriers have made it more and more difficult for employers to provide much desired benefits that help retain valued employees the discount health program companies are stepping up to fill the void.

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