Antique Toys

Are you a lover and collector of antique toys? Do you find yourself scouring garage sales and flea markets for anything over a hundred years old? If so, you are just one of many people across the globe in what was once a niche collecting community.

Such antique toys pull in major dollars wherever buyers are found. Naturally, with the increases role of the internet in the collectibles market, such buying and selling has taken on a whole new sort of nature. And this has sent prices even higher.

Barbie dolls are the sort of niche that commands a high price in the open collectors market. Barbie has been consistently popular for decades and that has led to the magnitude of toys that exist and the amount of interest that follows them. If you have some in good condition there is a good chance that you might be able to sell them depending on how old they are.

Another toy, obscure but popular, is the classic old jack-in-the-box. Everybody has seen them but few people can get ahold of them these days. They have experience a rise in popularity over the years due to their iconic nature and their relative obscurity.

Of course, nothing will ever overtake baseball toys in popularity. This subcategory of plaything includes everything from balls and gloves to the ever popular baseball cards. Despite economic volatility, these things never seem to decrease in value.

Know this: just because a toy is not in the highest quality condition, it doesn’t mean it has lost its value. True, value is tied to the assessed state of a given item, but value is more complicated than that.

As time progresses, so does the popularity of antique toy collecting. It just never seems to be going away. It may be more aging adults looking back nostalgically to their youth or it may just be the lure of a possible investment. Whatever the case, collecting old toys is something that never seems to go out of style. Conversely, it seems to increase in popularity over time.

As always, take a closer look at the things you own. What you regard as junk may be something of inestimable value to somebody else.

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