Applying Online For a Credit Card

While applying for a credit card you may find yourself wondering if it would be safe to apply online. Online application is actually a boon in our fast paced lives. The facility of being able to apply for a card online is a great combination of commerce and technology. Apart from applying online, you can even use your card to shop online. In fact, several stores have an online presence just to attract more clientele. Many a time these online stores offer you better deals on goods as compared to brick and mortar stores. You can even get the goods shipped to you at no extra cost after buying them online.

In order to apply online for a card, you need to start by filling in an application form available on the website of the card provider. There is not much of a difference between filling out an application form on paper and the one you fill online. You get asked the same details and your application gets processed in exactly the same manner.

Most credit card companies prefer that you apply online since they save on overhead costs like representatives salaries, cost of printing, cost of paper etc. In addition, online applications can be seamlessly integrated into the database of the company without any need for manual data processing. Therefore, the companies save on time and are able to process your application much quicker. Though this is not necessarily true all the time, there is a high chance of your card reaching you fast if you apply for it online.

Online applications cut down on the time and effort you spend on getting in touch with a credit card company. You can also compare various cards and evaluate their features before actually applying for one.

People who are wary of giving out their personal information online prefer applying in person. By following a few guidelines you can ensure that your personal information will be safe. First, check the website address of the page on which you are entering the details. It should begin with ‘https’. ‘Https’ signifies that the website is secure. You can also check the security certificate and see if it is provided by a recognized authority like Verisign. Without an ‘https’, you should not apply online for your card. If you are unsure of applying online, use the online form as a reference and note down your queries. Then call the customer care center of the credit card company before applying.

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