Consider a Few Vital Points While Purchasing Your First Motorcycle

If you are a new rider, then deciding on the type of motorcycle you want to purchase is perhaps one of the toughest decisions to make. You will want the right bike that you can trust on road.

There are several things to consider while purchasing a motorcycle such as the purpose, engine size, power, weight, price, tires, design, and the riding position. Once you decide on those factors, you will need to procure the vehicle loan to buy your on-road companion.

Generally, motorcycles for beginners should be between 250cc – 500cc range. These vehicles are quite light to handle, but they do have enough power. Also, your motorcycle must have comfortable seat height. A cruiser style is ideal for a standard and comfortable riding position, whereas a sport bike is perfect for aggressive riding positions.

The type of motorcycle you want depends on your riding abilities and confidence. The various categories of motorcycles include scooter, enduro, dual-sport, sport bikes, custom bikes, dirt track bikes, and cruisers, etc.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Motorcycle

1. The price range

2. What are the suitable weight, type and displacement for your skills

3. Do you want a used or a new motorcycle?

4. If the motorcycle is used, you will need to get its conditions assess by technicians

5. The intended use of the motorcycle

6. How you plan to make the payment for the bike

Visit a Dealership

Once you have decided the type of motorcycle for sale you want, visit a dealer, who sells such vehicles. Seeing the vehicle personally will have a great influence on your decision. Look into various options available.

Discuss with the sales executive and evaluate the information you have. Also, it is vital to go for a test ride before purchasing the vehicle, in order to know how it performs.

Financing Options

The best way to pay for the bike is by paying the full amount. However, if you are interested in expensive models, then you may have to go for some financing option. Financing helps you to make the purchase through loan or several other borrowing measures.

If the down payment is on the higher side, then he monthly payments will be less. If you opt for financing option, then you would be paying more than the actual price of the vehicle due to the interest charged on the payments.

Also, make sure that you can afford your monthly payments. You can even take advice from the finance specialists. Work out the best possible deal with the seller to get the finest for your bucks.

Where to find an Apt Motorcycle

If you intend to buy a used bike, then you can browse through the local papers or numerous online sites. However, if you want a new vehicle, find a reputed dealer, who deals with the motorcycle brand that you are interested in. Also, research the value of the bikes. Most of the necessary information is available online.


Make sure that your new bike is securely parked in the garage. Protect it further with rotor locks, wheel locks, or chains. You can also go for GPS tracking devices to prevent theft. While taking your new beauty out for a spin, use proper riding gear like the protective jacket and helmet. To be safe, always ride with hearing protection and protective eyewear.

Ride comfortably and safely!

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