Exciting Enhancement to Global Resorts Network Compensation Plan and Financing Program

Global Resorts Network implements enhancement to the compensation pay plan, where Affiliates will earn on their very first sale.

Effective October 9, 2008, Global resorts said that they will be implementing an important enhancement to the current pay plan structure.

Currently, a Gold or Platinum Affiliate is not paid a commission on their first sale which is their Qualifying sale.

The change in the pay plan will be as follows;

Gold and Platinum Affiliates will begin earning a commission on their very first (Qualifying) sale equal to ½ of the normal commission.

That means a $250 commission for a Gold Sale or a $500 commission for a Platinum Sale.

The other half of the commission ($250 for Gold and $500 for Platinum) would roll up to the first qualified up line Affiliate (qualified to receive the commission).

The second $500 or $1000 commission will be paid out as before to the second upline Affiliate qualified to receive a commission.

Of course, on all subsequent sales (sale 2 on) the commission earned will be the full $500 for a Gold and $1000 for a Platinum as usual.

Global Resorts Network said that they feel this change is an exciting enhancement to the compensation plan.

Global resorts network will be also introducing their new financing program, in which A Platinum Membership will be available for a $998 down payment and monthly payments of $198 for 12 months (with no interest).

The two $1000 commissions will be paid $300 at initial purchase (two commissions of $300 each out of the $998) and the balance in 12 equal monthly payments.

According to GRN these $300 immediate commissions can generate significant incomes up front plus give affiliates a handsome residual income over the following 12 months.

The new Customer or Affiliate will be a full Platinum Member with full travel privileges immediately.

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