Facts About Financing Plastic Surgery

In some cases, reconstructive plastic surgery may be covered by the patient’s medical insurance. Getting a cosmetic plastic surgery however may be a procedure that you have to finance yourself using a loan.

Now, there are already several options for people who can’t afford a cosmetic surgery. Before we look into those options, let’s take a look at what else you should know about  financing  plastic surgery.

Don’t Go for Bargains

You may be tempted to pick a surgeon who asks for less if you do not have clear options for  financing  such procedure. This is however, the worst possible mistake you could ever make. The costs are usually steeper if the surgeon who will conduct the procedure is already seasoned and an undisputed expert. An expensive doctor however is also more likely to be a safer option and eventually a more cost effective one. Cheap doctors may also have cheap services that may result in more problems because you would have to pay for corrective surgery on a botched up work.

Costs and Plans Vary

The extent of work to be performed, the type of procedure and the region you belong to are also some of the other factors that affect the cost of the procedure. Doctors and clinics will also therefore have different payments schemes or offers for  financing  such surgery. You would have to discuss this aspect as extensively as the procedure itself. Be warned that there may also be hidden costs or miscellaneous fees that you may not have asked about and may not be included in offers for  financing  the said procedure.

No Plan Scheme

Some clinics and plastic surgeons don’t allow  financing  plastic surgery or will not allow you to present loan or installment plans. Some patients may not immediately realize it but such a policy may be as much for the patient’s advantage as it is theirs. This is because such a strict policy will ensure that a patient can truly afford the procedure and its corresponding after surgery costs.

Some clinics will even ask for a complete payment before a procedure to secure patient assurance. This may be potentially dangerous though especially if accidents happen.

Finance Companies and Banks

Now, there are already several finance companies and banks that provide options for  financing  the procedure. Individuals can now fill up forms for approval to cover cosmetic plastic surgery. Most companies will tell you that they have affordable and flexible rates but the truth is that applying for a loan may be a little more difficult than imagined especially in banks.

Plastic surgery loans are actually unsecured by collateral. This means that a bank or company may have to meticulously investigate your credit history and report to find out if you are capable of paying. Even if you do pass an application for  financing  plastic surgery, some companies may have higher interest rates than others simply because it is their only security if you are suddenly unable to pay.

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