Five Reasons to Use a Prepaid Visa Debit Card For Online Purchases

When it comes to online transactions, it pays to be vigilant about your personal information. Once you’ve made a purchase over the internet, it’s hard to control where your information ends up – and who exactly has access to it. If you’re uncomfortable when it comes to using your credit card or debit card for making those online transactions but don’t want to totally avoid internet shopping, we’ve collected five reasons why you should use a prepaid Visa debit card for online purchases:

1. It’s More Secure.

Using your credit or debit card to fund your next internet purchase or pay online bills can be dangerous, as your billing information could fall into the hands of internet hackers and thieves. So if you want to keep your financial information protected – and prevent your life from being turned upside down due to identity theft – use a prepaid Visa debit card for all of your online purchases.

With a prepaid debit card, you are not exposing your main accounts on the internet as you would if you used your regular credit or debit card. Additionally, if there are any unauthorized purchases on your card, Visa offers zero liability protection against any fraudulent charges!

2. You Can Control Your Spending.

We’ve all had those times when we’ve lost track of exactly how much we’ve spent. Perhaps it was during a fun vacation, or a night out with old friends – the same can happen with online purchases! Prepaid debit cards prevent you from exceeding your balance, as you can only spend your predetermined limit.

3. No Interest or Overdraft Fees.

No one likes having to fork over their hard-earned money to pay outrageous overdraft fees or interest high rates – which is why prepaid Visa debit cards are so great! You’ll never have to pay overdraft fees, as your card won’t work when you try to spend more than your balance. Additionally, there are no interest rates, so you won’t ever have to pay those larger-than-life fees!

4. It’s Accepted Everywhere.

You’ll never have to worry about whether your favorite website will accept your payment again, as prepaid Visa debit cards are accepted wherever Visa debit cards are!

5. You Can Build Up Your Credit History.

Now you can use your web bill payments to enhance your credit score, as some prepaid Visa debit cards can lift your credit rating. By paying for your bills using online billpay, your automatic payments could count towards building your credit!

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