Guaranteed Retirement Contracts

After the melt down in the stock market, many of the millions of baby boomers who are now retiring (or close to it) are looking for a solid retirement vehicle. How would you like to own Guaranteed Retirement Contracts?

If the market tanks, you get paid. If the market goes nowhere, you get paid. If the market goes up, you get paid even more. Some of these contracts have paid as much as 11% on your money.

What’s more, You can start collecting large monthly paychecks right away. If you are at all worried about the stock market, and you are looking for an investment that will send you a paycheck every month, no matter what happens with the economy or markets, these contracts are definitely something you should consider.

Barron’s calls these unique investments, “The new way to retire.” And Money Magazine stated that these contracts, “will become the retirement investing rage.” The Journal of Financial Planning said that these contracts, “could be a magic bullet.”

The monthly checks you receive are guaranteed, not only by a cash-rich U.S. firm, but also by the state government in which the company operates.

If you want to guarantee a lucrative paycheck every single month, no matter what happens in the markets or the economy, this could be the perfect investment answer for you!

So what is this unusual investment that can guarantee you a nice check every month no matter what the market does? Indexed Annuities. There are different types of annuity contracts you can buy, but the indexed version is your best option in my opinion. Why? Because it is tied to the market when the market is rising, and reverts back to a guaranteed interest plan when the market is dropping. You get the best of both worlds! Why worry about another drop in the market when you can benefit ONLY from up moves?

Most people don’t realize that every state has a state guaranty fund that backs annuity contracts. This state fund will kick in and pay you should the insurance company who sold you the contract go out of business. Normally the guaranty fund insures your annuity (and life insurance contracts) up to $100,000.

So there you have it, a Guaranteed Retirement Vehicle with an Indexed Annuity. Do a search online and read up on them. Then check with your financial advisor.

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