Having A Diverse Investment Portfolio

When investment options are many, spreading the money is considered safe, less risky, and profitable by a major section of investors. Again it is spreading in one particular segment such as the shares market that many investors focus on. In such a case, money invested may cover all the levels of trading such as long term, short term, intra-day, etc. If the investment portfolio is diverse, the segments covered may include the Indian stock market, commodity market, and mutual funds of India. In any case, you can well balance your risks and profits.

For example, if there is a plunge in the shares market and rise in the commodity market and in the long run if you get the assured returns from the mutual funds you have invested, the profit loss ratio will certainly turn to your advantage. Distributing your capital thus does make sense. As novice investors you may not be aware of the benefits or availability of the investment opportunities. You will no doubt take the services of a broker for trading in the Indian share market but you may not be notified of the diverse investment options in different segments. Yes, if you are registered at a brokerage portal, you are automatically exposed to a wealth of options and tips. Besides getting recommended shares, you will be notified and suggested of the opportunities available in the commodity market, mutual funds of India, futures, etc. With a paid membership you thus can enjoy the benefits of a lifetime.

In the commodity market, you can trade in agri products, metals, energy products, and the list goes on. The key indices in the Indian share market are the nifty and sensex; for the commodity market it is the MCX, NCDEX, and more. What are the metals where you can put in your money? Well, it ranges from aluminum, copper, zinc, lead to gold, silver, etc. In the agri products commodity market, you may opt trading in gaurseed, pepper, turmeric, jeera, cardamom, gur, soya bean, etc. Energy products may include crude oil, natural gas, and other products. There are other product segments as well. No matter which product you trade in, prices are influenced by the national and global market. One product considered the most lucrative trading option in the commodity market is gold. In a period of two years, the price of gold has increased by the triple; you can well imagine the profits earned by the investors. Risk involved in the commodity market is almost equivalent to the shares market; the only key difference is that of shares and products.

There are different financial institutions offering mutual funds of India; top companies include Tata, Reliance, Birla Sunlife, HDFC. You can no doubt get assured returns from most of your mutual fund investments. Generally, the investment term ranges from one year to a period of five years or more. Investment in mutual funds of India is subject to market risks but not as high as that of the Indian stock market.

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