How To Accept Credit Cards Online

Anyone with an online business, whether for auctions,

services, or virtually any type of product, has asked the

same question at some time during their quest to create

the ultimate online business – “How do I accept credit


Since over 90% of all transactions on the Internet

involve customers paying by credit card, accepting

plastic money rates a must for almost any business.

The problem for most small online business owners

involves the high cost of setting up and maintaining a

credit card merchant account.

With startup fees ranging from $200 to $500, minimum

monthly fees of at least $40 to $50, plus per transaction

fees and a percentage of sales, most people who want to

supplement their income online or test an idea can’t risk

that kind of money.

Add in credit checks, 48-month service contracts,

expensive equipment purchases or leasing, financial

statements, and last 3 years’ tax returns and most people

throw up their hands and give up before they even get


Fortunately several companies responded to this problem

with unique solutions that enable smaller online

merchants to accept credit cards at a fraction of those

high startup costs with no long-term commitment, no

equipment purchases, and zero minimum monthly fees.

~ ~

PayPal has gotten some negative press over the last

couple of years, but that press has been mostly


PayPal makes it easy for you to collect money for your

online sales, send money to merchants, bill people

monthly, collect dues and donations and integrate a free

shopping cart into your site.

Of all the payment and money transfer services online,

PayPal ranks as the absolute lowest in cost and the

easiest to set up.

PayPal allows merchants to sell physical and downloadable

products along with personal services.

~ ~

For a $50 one-time fee ClickBank enables online ebook,

software and other electronic information sellers to not

only accept credit cards, but provide instant delivery of

their products to online purchasers.

ClickBank allows any merchant to accept virtually every

major credit card on the planet.

The online merchant simply adds a purchase link to their

site, the customer clicks the link, fills in their

payment information and the credit card gets authorized

on the spot.

Once the card gets approved ClickBank redirects the buyer

to a page that enables them to download the ebook,

software, or other product they have just purchased.

ClickBank also operates a fully integrated affiliate

program that automatically pays affiliates who sell your

products for you.

ClickBank heavily restricts what merchants may sell

through the service and does not allow the sale of

physical goods.

~ ~

Of the three, Paysystems behaves most like a traditional

credit card merchant account.

The service allows the merchant to integrate with a

number of third-party shopping carts as well as use the

PaySystems shopping cart system.

Merchants pay a small transaction fee and a percentage of

the sale, but don’t sign up for any long-term service

contracts or equipment leases.

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