How to Become a Capital Markets Analyst

If you are curious about how to become a capital markets analyst, your first step should be to understand more about the job. This will help you to decide whether this career is right for you and, if you think it is, to make a plan for achieving your professional goals and getting the job you want.

As a capital markets analyst you will need to have an extensive amount of knowledge on such areas as finances, financial markets and risk management products, and strong skills in the areas of analytics, negotiation and presentation. You can gain this knowledge through a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting, business, finance or a related field, but negotiation skills may be more innate. If you are not good at negotiating, this might not be the right career choice for you.

Once you have the education from an accredited, reputable institution and some experience from internships and/or entry-level jobs you may begin working as a capital markets analyst. Your duties will include analyzing financing and financial risk management proposals, assessing financial products and structures, assisting in projects and presentations, evaluating financial risk management products including derivatives, helping clients in different capital market transactions and financing structures, managing bank relationships and negotiating finance-related agreements.

Additional skills in collecting and documenting business requirements, creating process and data flow maps or diagrams and organizing financial information will serve you well in this career. Knowledge in all areas of the global capital market is also a necessity, including such areas as compliance, custody, finance, OTC derivatives, prime brokerage, risk, settlements and trade. It will take a long time to complete the education and training, and you will likely have to start at the bottom once you find work at a financial firm, but with hard work and smart financial analysis your hard work will pay off. Capital markets analysts can easily earn $80,000 annually, if not more with experience and merit.

As a financial markets analyst you will be able to find work in cities and towns across the world, particularly in major metropolitan cities. If you are drawn to numbers and finance this might be the job for you.

Institutions offering quality Accounting Programs include University of Phoenix, Strayer University, DeVry University, Brown Mackie College and Everest College.

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