How to Get a 0 Annual Rate Credit Card

Many credit card providers are currently offering their own 0 annual rate credit card as a marketing strategy to increase their client base. It works too! Their intention is, of course, to entice people to transfer their credit card balances to them by offering them a zero or low rate credit card. After a specified period time the interest charges return to the normal rate. You can take advantage of this type of offer for your own reasons and if you choose to, you can transfer the balance to another introductory rate card before you have to start paying interest again.

There are so many such offers on the market that your main problem will be sorting through them once you find them. It is important to choose a 0 annual rate credit card with as long an introductory period as possible so that you can gain the most benefit from your balance transfer. Try to find a credit card with a zero rate period of at least twelve months. If you have a few long term zero rate cards to choose from, choose one that offers the lowest balance transfer costs and lowest ongoing fees and charges. You should also consider the interest rate that the card will revert to at the end of the introductory period if you plan to keep the card.

If you transfer your current credit card balances to a single 0 annual rate credit card, you will immediately remove stress from your budget by making more money available for other expenses. This presents a wonderful opportunity to redesign your budget and take control of your expenses. Once you have done this you will be able to see what amount of money is really necessary and what amount is actually discretionary. To gain the most benefit from your balance transfer, you should allocate some of your interest savings to paying down your new credit card balance so that you are able to get yourself into a stronger financial position before the end of the introductory zero rate period.

So how do you actually find all these great offers? The easiest way to find 0 annual rate credit card offers is to use the internet. By simply searching on similar terms you will get a plethora of search results linking you to information about these offers. However, it can take so much time to wade through all this information to research and compare different zero rate cards that many people just don’t bother. You can get around this difficulty by using the services of a one-stop-credit card shop that has already done these comparisons for you. These sites allow you to compare introductory periods, interest rates, balance transfer fees and ongoing fees and charges quickly and easily. Most of these websites also offer an online application service and plenty of useful information to help you get your finances in order.

The sooner you make the decision to transfer your credit card balances to a 0 annual rate credit card, the sooner you will be able to save a significant amount of money every month. These savings can make life a lot easier and help you to move towards becoming debt free. Isn’t it time to make a decision?

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