How to Get the Cheapest iPhone Insurance Without Cutting Corners

Saying that getting your first iPhone is exciting is probably the understatement of the century. The iPhone is the name to beat when it comes to innovative SmartPhone technology, so it comes as no surprise that you’d be chomping at the bit to get your hands on one of your own. However, it’s important to note that an iPhone is a lot more than simply a fun gadget that will streamline your life and impress your friends all at the same time.

It’s also a significant investment and it really ought to be treated as such. That means making sure it’s covered by the right insurance from day one. However, you still naturally want to save all the money you can and that means locating the cheapest iPhone insurance plan that still meets your needs. Consider the following points during your search for the cheapest iPhone insurance to avoid running into problems later on down the line.

The Cheapest iPhone Insurance Is Not Your Household Items Plan

One of the most common mistakes new iPhone users make is thinking that they’ll be saving themselves money by relying on their household items policy to cover them if anything ever happens to their phone. However, while this may seem like a smart choice at first glance, in the long run you could be costing yourself money. If you ever need to file a claim in regards to a lost, stolen or damaged iPhone, you will be expected to cover a higher portion of the replacement cost than you would with an individualized plan. Plus, you will lose your valuable “no claims” bonus with your insurance provider if you have to file even a single claim. If you’re really unlucky and wind up needing to replace your iPhone more than once, then your premiums could rise as a result, too.

The Cheapest iPhone Insurance Is Not Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Many people similarly assume that their manufacturer’s warranty has them covered, especially when it comes to their iPhone. After all, Apple does have quite the reputation for standing behind their products. However, your manufacturer’s warranty does not cover common issues like theft, accidental damage, or loss. Don’t simply assume that you’re so careful that you’ll never lose your iPhone or drop it in the toilet the way other people do. Murphy’s Law says that if you’re not covered, you will. Better safe than sorry! Besides, your manufacturer’s warranty eventually expires. You need the cheapest iPhone insurance that will still cover your phone for the entire length of time you have it.

Finding the Cheapest iPhone Insurance Is a Snap Online

Gone are the days when you had to rely on your mobile phone company to give you all the information you needed in regards to your mobile phone insurance options. These days, the internet makes it easy to get all the information you could possibly need in regards to comparing rates, evaluating policy features, and breaking down prices to make sure you have the most efficient and cheapest iPhone insurance possible. Let your fingers do the walking and find the right plan for you in mere minutes.

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