The importance of getting  insurance  cannot be overstated. This is true not only for your car or truck, but also for your health and life. In the United States, it is actually required by law that you purchase  insurance  before you are allowed to drive your vehicle on public roads. This is because of the huge costs that can be associated with an accident that only a very small majority of us would be able to pay out of pocket ourselves.

In addition to auto  insurance , it is important to insure yourself in a medical sense. If you work for a large corporation, business, or governmental organization, that may already be taken care of. Many such organizations are actually required to offer health  insurance  as a part of your employment benefit package. The rules on this vary from state to state, and in some cases from county to county, so you would be wise to check the local legislation which should be available at your county building.

If you are not employed by such an organization, you will probably want to get health  insurance  in the same way you would get car  insurance –by shopping for it. Fortunately the internet has helped to reduce the costs associated with all types of  insurance  dramatically. How? By online price comparison tools. What these tools do is they ask you for all the pertinent information such as age, location, employment, etc. etc., and then they query all the major  insurance  providers based on the information you gave them. They will then get all the quotes and arrange them together side by side so that you can quickly see which company is offering the best rates for your individual situation.

Because different companies use different formulas in calculating their rates, you will find that different people are better off with different companies. Some small feature related to your health could be devastating with one  insurance  but entirely irrelevant to another. For that reason it is again a smart idea to use a side by side  insurance  comparison tool, particularly when there are so many of them available on the internet for free.

We have touched on both auto  insurance  and health  insurance . The third form of  insurance  touched upon in the introduction is life  insurance . While it may not be particularly important to you, it is very important to those you love. If you are supporting a family or loved ones and you pass away, where would they be without you? The answer is often times quite frightening, and is the reason so many of us have decided to pay the minimal monthly rates required for a high quality life  insurance  policy. Again, you may be able to find discounts through your employer if you work for a large corporation, business, or government entity. Otherwise, like with auto and health  insurance , you would be wise to turn to the internet where you can get a large number of rate quotes and compare them side by side.

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