Investment Calculator

An investment calculator can be a wonderful tool if you are contemplating investing but are not sure which scheme will give you the best financial rewards. With so many companies now advertising on the internet, it is easy to gain access to a great many investment opportunities.

Many companies who are available to handle your investments will feature an investment calculator on their website. These are usually easy to use and will give you an idea of what return you can expect if you put your money with them. The calculator is there to help you get a clear picture of what you can expect back after a certain length of time. There are many variables which you can enter into the equation and all of these can be taken into account when calculating the results.

There are two basic types of investment available. You could invest a lump sum or you could invest in a regular contribution plan. Alternatively you could use a combination of both of these schemes. To use an investment calculator efficiently, you will need to enter some details regarding your chosen method of investment and the sums involved. You will be asked to enter a timescale. Would you like to invest over a long period of time, perhaps for your retirement, or is it going to be a shorter timescale? You will also need to know how much you are willing to save and whether this is going to be a lump sum or regular contributions.

Once you have entered the necessary information the investment calculator will be able to let you know what your investment will be worth after a stipulated length of time. You can then change details to give a comparison. For example you may get a higher return if you leave your money in the plan for an extra five years or so. Alternatively, by adding just a few more dollars to your monthly contributions, you may find that you get a disproportionately higher return at the end of the term. A good investment calculator will be able to plot graphs and charts for you so that you can easily see what happens if you change some of the variables.

An investment calculator is only recommended as a guide for investment planning. It will not give you a definitive answer. Some investments plans have potential for high returns as they are based on fluctuating interest rates and some of these are potentially risky. A calculator that is published by a company that offers you a plan is by no means a guarantee of the returns that you will receive and you must consider that the value of investments may go down as well as up.

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