Investment Life Insurance Policies

Investment life insurance policies are addressed to the legal persons or to the companies which want to help their employees to save a part of their income, but they also get a high financial rate by investing these savings. Through these plans, the employees have the possibility to contribute to the investment plan personally, paying different sums of money as supplementary bonuses or echeloned ones. The companies not only motivate the employees through these life insurance policies by giving them a supplementary source of income apart from their wages, but they can also cover some of the unexpected expenses. There are insurance companies which allow you to choose your own investment plan and involve the risks you want.

There is a BOND program which has the purpose to make the employees more loyal, to motivate them and to stimulate them. With this investment plan for the employees, the employee has the opportunity to invest directly in the investment plan offered by the insurance company. In this case, the employees have access to the investment instruments, which have more advantageous prices than the individual life insurance policies.

As far as the motivational plans are concerned, there are different advantages related to the investment, these advantages consisting of the purchase of some fund units from the BOND program, as well as of the purchase of a protection plan, which consists of a life insurance which covers death occurred after an accident, its costs being retained monthly by reducing the fund units in the employee’s account.

When we deal with investment plans for the employees, we deal with the investment bonus, which is all about buying fund units through the program, based on the echeloned bonuses paid by the person insured.

Apart from this investment bonus, we also have the advantage of being protected, this protection coming as a survival bonus of two per cent of the fund units from the employee’s account. In the case of the motivation plan valid throughout the contract, you can have partial ransoms. In the case of the investment plans, you can transfer units between the investment plans and re-direct the future bonuses to other investment plans. When the person insured extends the contract, they can make different modifications such as the change of the frequency of the payments, but also of their value.

The person insured can make supplementary payments in some cases, increasing the sum insured, but the proportions are set by the company, which takes into account a certain minimum limit. In the case of the investment plans for the employees, the person insured has the option of making supplementary payments.

Apparently, these are some of the most advantageous offers for employees, such an investment plan helping them very much from a lot of points of view. Therefore, if you are employed and you want to save some money, you can think of turning to this option because it is one of the best you have. Now, you can be safe and so can your money.

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