Investment Management Advisors

 Investment  management refers to the process of managing money being used for  investments .  Investment  profiles are managed through sound decisions about security purchases and sales.  Investment  management advisors provide  investment  management services including money management,  investment  projections,  investment  counseling, and  investment  management planning.  Investment  management advisors may work as individual entities or may be a part of  investment  management firms. Those who work for reputable  investment  management firms are preferred over solo agents because of their credibility and reputation. These agents are usually college degree holders who have gained bachelor degrees in business and also have relevant  investment  management experience tucked in their belts.

There are two types of  investment  management advisors, those who offer direct financial advice to individuals or businesses and those who offer asset management for corporate clients. The services offered by  investment  management advisors are not given for free. The usual rate charged by these advisors varies depending on the project, the monetary  investment  involved, or the current standing of whom they advise. They also charge higher fees to corporate accounts than they do to individuals because of the sheer complexity of the tasks when catering to larger companies. Their fees may be calculated percentages of the assets gained, annual fees, or even hourly rates.

 Investment  management advisors are monitored by government run agencies and private  investment  management associations to ensure the quality of their services. The certifications issued by government agencies and private associations protect  investment  management advisors and their clients alike. They are subject to laws and regulations governing money management and must meet strict requirements prior to certification and registry as qualified  investment  management advisors. They work assuring client confidentiality and provide complete disclosure of all  investment  deals. Most, if not all  investment  management advisors are also licensed stockbrokers to enable them to carry out investor authorized sales and purchasers.

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