Kotak Systematic Investment Plan

The Kotak systematic investment plan helps you accumulate your wealth to accomplish any goals you set for yourself. If you think you can set aside money and earn on it, the Kotak SIP plan helps you achieve just that.

Investment from an individual’s point of view is important i.e. you and hence the Kotak SIP plan is a tool to manage your investments and avoid any market fluctuations or risks involving losing your money.

The rule of Rupee average costing is used by all banks to even out any fluctuations in the market and so the Kotak SIP calculator does exactly that. The Kotak systematic investment plan is a savior if you wish to make your wealth increase by a margin to fulfill any domestic needs set short term. The Kotak Mutual funds offer a number of schemes under the bracket of debt, equity and hybrid to suit your requirement.

The minimum amount to be invested is Rs 1000. Apart from the initial investment, 6 other installments need to be made depending on your periodicity i.e. quarterly and monthly.

The choices of dates available for investments are 1st, 7th, 14th, 21th and 25th. For a quarterly plan you have to investment on the date chosen for every third month.

In case of a public holiday, the transaction will be processed the next day.

The Kotak Regular Plan, Institutional and Institutional Premium, The Kotak Gilt Savings and The Kotak floater are exempt from this as they have no exit load.

This SIP provides Auto Debit facility from most of its branches listed down on their home site.

Like any other bank you can download the kotak SIP plan from their main website. The site facilitates your decision to apply for the plan by providing an addition information statement on its site involving information about the bank as well. Also, you can download the pdf document regarding additional information about the scheme.

Next Step – Should you Apply for this Scheme?

You have to analyze the returns given by this scheme on a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year basis. Based on the results you can take a call to invest in this scheme. The research reports and ratings are available in the related websites.

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