Lawsuit Financing

Lawsuit  financing  is usually misunderstood as loans. In reality lawsuit finances or lawsuit funds are advances or investments made to avoid state laws against making excessive charges of interest. These lawsuit finances are available for appellate funding, attorney funding, expert witnesses and plaintiffs. Lawsuit finance helps those who have lost their jobs, have met with accidents, had personal injuries, faced sexual harassment, or are charged with malpractice.

When clients sometimes cannot even meet their basic requirements like rent and expenses, lawsuit  financing  helps them. Under such cases the lawsuit  financing  companies help by providing advances to the clients. Lawsuit finance is non-recourse in nature. Unlike a loan it is retrieved by the lawsuit  financing  company only when the verdict is in favor of the client. The lawsuit  financing  company can claim for the settlement of the money only after the final verdict or statement is known.

The lawsuit  financing  company has options like flat fee, where the lawsuit  financing  company decides beforehand what amount or share the client would pay after the final verdict is known. The lawsuit  financing  companies charge the plaintiffs with recurring fees that they have to pay until the verdict is made final. This recurring fee varies according to the case. It is usually collected on a monthly basis. The fee could be as low as 0.5% or could be as high as 15%.

Attorneys, their witnesses, and testimony can together convince the judge or jury to take your favor. In these situations, use expert witness funding. The attorney funding becomes essential when the plaintiff runs out off capital or the litigation costs exceed the expected amount. Then funding or  financing  becomes essential. The plaintiff funding is made as investments and not mere loans. If the plaintiff has received a monetary verdict but a trial is pending, then appellate  financing  is suggested.

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