Life Insurance Leads

Selling life insurance policies can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative profession. But has to have proficiency and know the tricks of the trade. There is no dearth of people who are in actual need of life insurance. Yet generating and then translating a lead into a closed deal is one of the most challenging tasks in this industry.

Earlier, leads had to be generated primarily by individual agents through cold calls or door-to-door selling. These resulted in lower rates of sale, as there were greater chances of the having a bogus lead, or a lead becoming unresponsive as the emphasis is more or quantity rather than quality. This had become a stupendous task, given people’s aversion towards uninvited salesmen giving cold calls and barging into people’s private spaces, making a dig for their time and money. Insurance agents and companies had to multi-task themselves and their employees, ensuing in loss of efficiency and direction.

Newer, more advanced techno-savvy and people-friendly techniques have been devised in recent times. Generating a life insurance lead and working on it has never been as easy as this before, what with online and off-line vendors supplying qualified and actual leads through newer technological approaches and research methods.

While these too intrude upon the people’s spaces sometime, they are less invasive and aggressive than cold calls and door-to-door selling. Many online and offline vendors offer highly authentic leads which they generate through their networking with various search engines like Yahoo, Google and AOL, direct marketing and advertising about insurance policies, educating the people about the benefits of insurance, etc.

Most people who are in actual need of insurance sign up and fill out forms that ask for personal details like bio-data, age, name, number of dependents, kind of insurance (investment or purely protection) desired, kind of need (short term or long term), etc. Companies and independent agents can buy leads and specific information regarding the potential customers. There are various techniques to generate a lead independently.

The Internet opens up newer avenues for independent agents and companies, generating leads with novel forms of advertisement like emails, pop-ups and free newsletters. Joining a lead club, lead exchanging with local business professionals, free reports and booklets, and conducting seminars are some of the other techniques for lead generation. Actual sales, however, depend solely on one’s marketing and sale capabilities.

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