Offshore Investment Banking in Switzerland

Switzerland has been the world’s largest offshore tax haven for some time. For wealthier individuals there are guarantees and assurances that other offshore banking jurisdictions do not have. They are specifically designed for the ultra wealthy.

Swiss banks are also regarded by far as the most secure and stable as they have the safest asset holdings along with the asset prosperity provided to their clients. This makes opening an  investment   bank  account with a Swiss bank all the more enticing for those who are privileged. When a Swiss bank account is opened, the individual opening the account will be privy to undisputed personal service and wealth protection which is unmatched by any other Bank in the world.

The opening of a Swiss bank account is far simpler than you might think. Even many of the most prestigious offshore Swiss banks have simple application processes. You will be able to do the all the same account transactions as you can onshore.

Indeed opening an offshore  investment  account in Switzerland is the most important step you can take for both wealth growth and wealth protection.

Opening a Swiss bank account with deposits in the range of $300,000 would be best to set up in person. Some Swiss banks will send out their own representative for large sums to deposit at a clients place of choice. If you are setting up a Swiss bank account through the mail, you will first be required to follow these steps:

  • Request the forms you will need to open the account.
  • Have your signature verified at a Swiss Consulate, or by visiting any affiliated banks in Switzerland.

The procedure to open a Swiss bank account is similar in nature to opening a securities account with a few procedural policies in place, which is the same as what any financial institution goes through.

Swiss bankers have always had a solid reputation for managing many different  investment  portfolios and as such provide the following services:

  •  Investment  planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth management
  • Trust company establishment
  • Gold numismatics
  • Derivatives
  • Confidential brokerage accounts

To ensure your privacy and confidentiality, every Swiss banking employee must sign the bank act’s secrecy portion as a condition of their employment. Of special note, the banking act also stipulates that it is a criminal offence, with a possible jail sentence imposed for any employee or agent of the bank, if they have been found to divulge any confidential information at any time. In cases put before the courts and in general banking practices, this portion of the banking law has stipulated it is a serious offense, punishable by both fines and jail time, to divulge any customer information to any third party. This includes official requests from foreign governments. This makes opening an offshore  investment   bank  account in Switzerland all the more attractive.

To open a Swiss  investment  account, the following requirements must be met: by most

Swiss  banks :

  • $300,000 minimum opening balance in order to establish an account.
  • A notarized copy of your passport.
  • Reference letters from two different sources.
  • Every client is required to fill out a “know your client” form.
  • A signed ‘Source of Funds’ form must be filled out by each applicant.

Once these requirements are met by the individual or offshore company, the account can then be set up at the Swiss  investment   bank .

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