Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid credit cards begin to rise in popularity during the late 1990s. More people are using them today. What are prepaid credit cards, and what advantages do they have over traditional credit cards? In this article I will go over this in detail.

Credit card companies have realized that many people don’t meet the necessary credit requirements to use their cards. Even people who do qualify often fail to pay back the debts they owe and file bankruptcy. This has caused credit card companies to suffer massive losses.

The credit card companies begin offering secured cards in order to combat this. Customers would be able use their cards without fear of going into debt. Once customers established that they were responsible using these, credit card companies would then begin slowly giving them more credit.

This was the forerunner to the prepaid credit cards used today. The primary difference is that users are given credit for purchases made using these newer types of cards. You are able to set the limit you want on the card by adding the necessary funds into the account.

In the past, credit card companies set the credit card limit, and it was up to the consumer to make sure they didn’t go over it. It was very difficult to track your purchases, and you weren’t able to add any funds other than what the credit card company added.

Because of this many people would go over their limits, spending money they didn’t have. This caused people to get into serious debt they couldn’t escape from. By using prepaid credit cards, you only add the money that you actually have, instead of being credited money by the credit card company.This allows you to keep better control over your finances.

This creates a situation in which both credit card companies and consumers win. Credit card companies minimize their losses by allowing consumers to add their own funds. Consumers win by using their own money and setting their own limits instead of relying on the funds given to them by credit card companies. This greatly reduces their chances of going in to debt.

Having good credit is an important part of succeeding financially today. You want to use tools which reduce the chances of you getting into debt instead of increasing them. Using prepaid credit cards are a tool which will help you achieve this, and keep better control over your finances.

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