Prospering Through Investments 2

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree:he shall grow like a cedar in lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord. Shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in the old age;they shall be fat and flourishing. To shew that the lord is upright, he is my rock and there is no unrighteousness in him”

It didn’t say the righteous shall be comfortable, it didn’t say the righteous shall be wealthy, it didn’t say the righteous shall be rich – it says the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. Psalm 92:13-15

That is the level God wants for you, his child, he says those who are righteous shall flourish, if you belong to the side of the Lord, if you are a child of God, If you are leaving righteous, the level of prosperity that God wants for you is to flourish.

Now, what do I mean by that?

For instance when you get to the level where you are flourishing – you work only out of interest you don’t work for day to day survival, Halleluyah –

Oh! you fly to London today, you come back next week, you just go to the office, yes, what is happening here? You have people working for you – you can even tell them, you said look all I want to be doing new is to be signing cheques. (Halleluyah) – You just check the books for Tuesday and on Wednesday you disappear again to New York. (Halleluyah)

When you get to that level where you flourish, you don’t check bank balances again, before you spend money (Amen), you don’t rack your brain again, you don’t begin to calculate, and begin to list out what you want to buy before you buy. You get to a shop, so many people are going to the sales section – you go to the real thing (praise the Lord) – you just pick what you want and you pay for it – you will get there in the name of Jesus.

That is what the Almighty God wants for you as his child. If the daughter of Yaradua (Nigeria President) comes now isn’t there a kind of expectation we expect from her. The daughter of Yaradua, for instance we don’t expect her to wear rags. The daughter of the President.

You are the sons and the daughters of the owner of the whole world. The gold, the silver, the oil, minerals, the hidden riches, everything belongs to your Father, and you will flourish in the name of Jesus. Now one sure way – one very sure way by which you can get to the level where you begin to flourish is true investments.

Now what do I mean by investments? I am not a financial guru, but by the grace of God I have been in corporate commercial practice of law now for almost 27 yrs, so I should know what I am talking about; and I will be very, very practical, I will try to avoid theories.

In Nigeria today there are three major types of investments, you have investments in stocks and shares, you have investments in property and you have investment in currency (forex trading)

They watch the currency, when the dollar falls or the pounds sterling falls they buy. And when it goes up they sell just to make more money, that is what they want, but that is a little bit technical I won’t go much into that. Let’s limit our selves into investments in property and investments in stocks and shares. When you get to the level where you flourish through investment, you are no longer work for money. It is money that will be working for you. For instance, if in 1980, I build a house and up till now I am still collecting the rent, either yearly or three yearly. Up till 2007, it is the money that I have investment that is still working for me. When you get to the level where you flourish through investment, you no longer work for money. In the name that is above every other name, money will work for you – I say good money will work for you.

Ah, before we continue, pastor all these things you are doing we are not in the banking hall, neither are we in a seminar, is this thing biblical? Yes, highly biblical, I remind you of the story in Mathew chapter 25:14-30, because of time let me tell you what happened, it was Jesus himself who gave the parable, he said that “the kingdom of God is like a man who goes into a far country. To one of his servant he gave five talents of money, to another one he gave two talents of money, to another one he gave one talent of money, the one that got five invested it, and it returned another five, the one that got two he reinvested it and got another two. The one that did not invest was cursed. He was cursed, he said “cast out the unprofitable servant, in that day there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, that will not be your portion in Jesus name.

So investments are biblical, because God has sent me specifically to somebody this day.

The first point you want to know is that getting to the particular point where you flourish does not have anything to do with a particular trade. It does not have to be, it is because he is in the oil and gas, ah, it is because he is selling cars, no matter the kind of trade you are doing, no matter the kind of business you are doing all you need is God’s blessing. You can be selling ordinary water, if the blessing of God is on that business, you will flourish. So it does not have to do with any particular kind of trade or business, you can flourish in any kind of business that the Almighty God wants you to do.

You must, to get to the level where you begin to flourish especially through investments. You must commit all your ways to the Lord daily, through regular and structured; prayer life, it must be daily because the anointing of yesterday is not enough for today.

The Bible says in Lamentation 3:22-23, that it is of the Lords mercy that we are not consumed, because is compassion fails not, they are new every morning great is they faithfulness.

So your prayer life must be a daily one, not when things are going well you begin to pray and praise God, when things are not going well they don’t see you again. It must be daily, it must be structured, for instance, you have to choose a specific meeting place, where you meet the Lord daily, if it is your bedroom, let it be your bedroom, if it is your kitchen let it be your kitchen, if it is your sitting room, let it be your sitting room, don’ do sitting room today bedroom tomorrow, when the angels come let them meet you at a specific place and let that place as some people say become an altar.

Choose a specific meeting time

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