Quick Guide – How to Stay Safe on Your Student Travel

When you are student traveling you will have to put your family and friends minds at ease, therefore you have got to make sure you travel safely. Make sure you can tell everyone your travel story when you get home safe.

Here is a few simple steps you can think of if your on a student travel.

  1. Get an travel insurance! It will cover any emergency medical needs, baggage protection, travel accident, trip protection and 24/7 emergency assistance.
  2. Don not leave your luggage or backpack unattended. Always watch over or carry with your luggage, or lock it inside a safety.
  3. You don not want everyone to see that you have any valuables. Of course you are suppose to use your expensive digital camera or your cellphone. But when you are done put it back into your backpack or wherever it is safe.
  4. If you are not familiar with an area, consult your guide book or a local at your hostel/hotel. They often know the best places for everything. Like the best restaurants and the best beaches. They often knows where not to go too.
  5. Before traveling to any new city or country we suggest you book your hostel/hotel room in advance. You never know what time you will be arriving and therefore you will have somewhere to sleep at least the first night. If you can, try to arrive to your new destinations by day, it’s easier to navigate during daylight.
  6. One simple thing to do before your travel is to scan in all your important documents (passport, visa, credit/debit card and your driver license) and then mail them to yourself.
  7. The last tip is to try avoid money problems. You can avoid most problems by planning your travel and stick to your budget. By carrying a variety of forms of money from credit and debit cards to travelers checks and cash is also a good idea.

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