SBI Systematic Investment Plan

State Bank of India is one of the largest banking institutions in India. It is not only reliable but investing money is also safe with a guarantee that great returns can be obtained from here. Currently, investment in the mutual funds and in the SIP schemes of the mutual funds has become quite common. There are many companies that offer the opportunity of investment in the SIP. SBI is also one of them.

SBI and SIP:

The relationship between SBI and SIP is quite long and strong. SBI has introduced several SIPs because it is definitely one of the greatest and the smartest way of investment in the present scenario. Not only is it less risky but at the same time it also generates less return. Right from Rs 50 to Rs1500, different amounts can be invested in the SIP monthly scheme of SBI.

Systematic Investment Plans:

The systematic investment plans launched by SBI are performing quite well in the Indian market and there are currently many investors that have benefitted by investing in these schemes. Some of the systematic investment plans of SBI include:

  • SBI Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella – Contra Fund
  • SBI Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella – Emerging Fund
  • SBI Chota SIP Fund
  • SBI Magnum Global Fund

The Chota SIP:

Currently, the chota SIP of SBI is running quite well and there are many people in India who have found the scheme to be simply great. This is the micro systematic investment plan of SBI and the minimum payment that can be made here ranges from Rs50 to Rs100. This scheme has been introduced by SBI so that people of the lower income groups can also think of investing in the SIP.

How to Invest?

There are plenty of websites in the internet that gives information regarding the right way of investing in the systematic investment plans of SBI. However, the best information can be availed from the website of SBI directly. Once the information is acquired, the forms can be downloaded and the instructions can be followed to make the investment. The amount of return to be received largely varies.

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