Things to Know Before Buying a Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance policy is something that covers your home and property against any kind of damage or disaster. I have seen the situation where homeowners go ahead to buy a house insurance policy even when they do not even know what home insurance actually is. If you want a good return on your invested money, you must know the things that affect your house insurance policy. Below are some of these things.

What is covered by home insurance?

Before you go out to buy a property insurance policy, you must know the things that the policy covers. There are some basic things that will be covered in almost all the property insurance policies. These things include your property, your garage (if any), shed, driveway, etc. The insurance company will typically keep a record of the items you have in your house, and they will decide the premiums on that basis.

Natural Disasters covered or not?

It depends on a particular insurance company what natural damages it will cover in their insurance policy. Not all insurance companies cover all the natural disasters. For example, floods are not usually covered in house insurance, but windstorms are covered. You should read the policy before you sign it. I have seen a situation where a person was claiming for insurance against his property damages due to earthquake, but later he came to know that the policy was not meant to give him insurance against earthquake. The confusion was there because he had signed the policy agreement without reading it properly. This is a common thing in house insurance.

Is it mandatory to have insurance for your home?

It is also common to hear people asking whether home insurance is mandatory for their property. Well, I would say that it is not mandatory, but advisable. I do not know about all the countries, but in most of them home insurance is not a mandatory thing for every homeowner. We can say that it is not mandatory by law, but yes it is mandatory for safety of your home and property.

Things that decide the value of premiums

Premiums are regular installments that we have to pay to continue with our home insurance policy. There are many things that affect home insurance policy premiums including the value of the property, age of the property, site of the property, probability of accidents or disasters in the area, construction material of the property, etc.

If you are going to buy home insurance for the first time, you should try to gather as much information as possible. It is also important to go with a trustworthy insurance company.

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