What’s Your Financial Destination?

One of the potential disadvantages of good credit is the ability to create debt. I have always been very proud of my credit history and took my financial obligations seriously. Needless to say, it came as a huge surprise to finally add up all my credit balances and see that all those shiny credit cards in my wallet were just a symbol for being up to my eyeballs in debt. I was shocked to discover that over 50% of my income went straight to paying debts. This became painfully scary as the real estate market became unstable and started to reduce my income as a mortgage professional.

After much soul searching I decided I needed to do something totally different to significantly change my financial life and steer my family toward building wealth. One of the first things I decided to do was figure out how to eliminate my debt.

Living a debt-free lifestyle has always appealed to me. Let’s face it…paying for a dinner you ate 12 months ago is just insane! My debt not only prevented me from doing the things that I really wanted to, it also caused much mental stress right around the first of the month.

Fortunately, about a year ago I stumbled upon a very unique service called EquityTrax by Financial Destination, Inc. (FDI). FDI is a financial solutions company with many different services including debt elimination, credit restoration and money management just to name a few.

After plugging into the FDI system, I now have a plan to pay off my debt, including my mortgage, in about 1/3 of the time it would have taken me. Instead of being in debt for over 40 years, I will be debt-free in a little under 11 years. This is all done while keeping my same monthly payments!

I can not wait to finally receive my mortgage note with a big fat red “Paid in Full” stamp on it! No more checks to write out to creditors. No more money spent before it’s earned. It may not be a reality right now but I am well on my way to reaching my “Financial Destination”! How far are you?

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