Woodland Insurance

Woodland insurance is a specific type of land insurance that you can get if you own a large area that is mainly filled with trees, bushes and shrubs. This type of insurance is used to protect the land owner from any circumstance where a third party gets injured on the land and then holds the owner responsible for their injuries.

This insurance is used to protect when someone hold you responsible for an accident they have had on your land and tries to claim damages from you, for example if they were walking through the woods and tripped over and broke their leg because you hadn’t maintained the land to an expected level then you would be responsible for their injury which is where the insurance would come in to play. As with most types of this insurance for a claim to be paid out it would have to be proved that the land owner was liable for the injury sustained.

As with most types of liability insurance there are three main levels of cover that you can get which start at the minimum which is one million pounds worth of cover. The other levels of cover which you can get a quotation for is two million and five million pounds which means that would be the maximum that the insurers would pay out in the case of a claim hence why most people tend to go for the minimum cover, although other things such as the acreage of the land make a difference as well.

The basic cover is only public liability insurance but there are certain other add-ons that you can get on the policy such as Legal Expenses Insurance or even Employers Liability Insurance. If you were to have an employee who manages the land and looks after the woodland then you may want to get the Employers Liability Insurance so that you will be covered should he have an accident and hold you liable.

So if you have a woodland area that you own and lots of members of the public have rights of access and walk through the land then you may just want to look at getting some insurance on it so that if the worst happens and someone has an accident on your land then you won’t be left paying damages that you cannot afford.

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