10 Things Every Cheater Will Do! You Must Be Aware of These at All Costs Before You Get Burnt Too!

As harsh as it may sound, no relationship is affair proof and no person is above infidelity. Even though your relationship may be strong, you still need to know the signs of a cheating spouse or significant other. There are certain things that every cheater will do and being able to recognize the following signs will enable you to catch a cheater before it’s too late.

1. Behaviors such as lack of regular communication with you and being uninterested in spending time with you and the children. A cheating spouse will often create emotional distance in the marriage relationship because of guilt or because his/he mind is on their new love.

2. Going overboard with his/her appearance, including exercising more often, a sudden new hairstyle, and new, expensive clothing. If your partner seems unusually interested in these things lately, then they could be trying to impress someone else at their workplace.

3. He/she will act strangely when they’re on the phone and you walk into the room. Hanging up suddenly or insisting on going outside because they can’t hear are behaviors to be alert for.

4. Signs up for a credit card account with his/her name on it that is addressed to their office location or secret post office box address rather than the home address.

5. The cheating spouse doesn’t want to wear his/her wedding ring much anymore yet offers a cheap excuse for it such as forgetting it, not wanting to get it wet in the shower or being afraid of losing it.

6. Makes excuses to stay up long after you’ve gone to be in order to supposedly work on the computer or talk on the cell phone.

7. It’s after hours at your partner’s business yet he/she still claims to be at the office working a project with a client. You might be able to catch a cheater by calling his/her boss directly and asking for your partner rather than calling your partner’s cell phone.

8. Another way to possibly catch a cheater is to observe whether or not he/she suddenly attacks you with critical, back-stabbing comments implying that nothing you do is good enough anymore.

9. Your partner might receive messages from former girlfriends/boyfriends in chat rooms or email accounts that are hidden from your view.

10. He/she will find reasons to be away from the house and will not answer phone calls.

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