5 Benefits of Forex Managed Accounts

For anyone one who is on a full time job and lacks time to learn the important secrets of the FX trade, or a beginner who has just ventured into this lucrative business, then a forex managed account will be a great option. Derived from the wealth management concept, forex managed accounts work in more or less similar manner. They ensures growth in your initial investment. Basically, a foreign exchange managed account is one which allows a broker or any other authorized party to act in your best interest. This means that the authorized party, who is normally an expert in FX trade, can transact on your behalf with no need for clearance from you. However, it need not be an individual who is managing your transactions. You can opt to have an automated forex managed account, which runs on automated trading software programmed to take into consideration such things as recent transactions, various statistics, market trends and indicators. Whichever way you choose to go, there are definitely lots of benefits in running a forex managed account. They include the following;

  • Forex managed accounts are run by experts who have knowledge and skills required in the FX trade. This means that making profit from FX is an easy thing for them. Furthermore, they only take a small percentage of the profits.
  • Another advantage of FX managed accounts is that you are assured of returns. The experts are in a good position to make real-time decisions on how to profit from any transaction they do, unlike most of us.
  • FX managed accounts are liquid in nature. This means that should you no longer feel the need to continue with FX, you can simply withdraw your money.
  • They require a low start-up capital; $5,000 is actually the minimum investment requirement by most institutions. When compared to most other investments, this is quite modest.
  • The final advantage is that they provide you with up-to-the-minute information regarding the status of the FX market. They also offer other relevant information such as comparisons of your investment progress as compared to the latest market trends and so on. This puts you more in control of your investments. Furthermore, even if your portfolio is managed by another party, you still have a say in the management of your affairs.

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